Smart order will lead to the development of unmanned restaurant

by:Fdata     2020-07-21
As people work life rhythm speeding up, the pursuit of simple, fast and become potential psychological needs of consumers. Traditional food couldn't meet the needs of consumers, food and beverage industry will face reshuffle. In the food industry as a whole, transformation of crossover, catering also appears some new development trends. More and more restaurants started to try to use building smart restaurant meals cloud order system, self-service order. So smart restaurant what are the advantages in the fierce competition in the restaurant? A intelligent, catering, no one time is come chongqing smart order cashier order meals cloud system provide catering businesses including smart order, intelligent recommendation, service notifications, evaluation for buffet take food, automatic withholding, the whole process of the solution. This also means that the entire restaurant just hutch and a waiter can pick up table, greatly saves manpower. Catering digital: every change erratically consumer's taste is always changing, many restaurants, for example, is winter summer popular cuisine is different. What food is more popular, and many times we are feeling. Now we can rely on order software meals cloud order system for statistics. Will not be too popular dishes to abandon, spend more time to build their own popular dishes. Intelligent cashier system three, membership management, make new old man food industry, repeat business is very important. Three meals on the membership marketing, cloud order system adopts top-up membership rules. Affiliate marketing can not only attract new passenger flow, also can wake members, also can improve the guest unit price, it is to satisfy the business transformation of drainage of low cost, high efficiency requirements. Order cashier four, data security and stability, response speed'll data value as a great resource to exist, data security has become a public focus. Especially intelligent catering management using cloud storage system, the safety of data is the basis of a business needs. In addition, the response speed of system operation and the response speed of the data, especially the peak response speed, but also a one of the important indices for catering system performance data. And, the system can also be the Chinese/English bilingual switch at any time, help the restaurant toward internationalization road. Smart order has gradually become the mainstream trend of dining-room, believe no one restaurant will also quick arrival!
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