Snack stores for 3 months crazy sell 10 w bag 丨 thanks to efficient cashier system

by:Fdata     2020-07-16
Originated in hunan snack good busy, is a true to volume sales brand of snacks. As a very young brand, in the case of almost saturated snack brand buck the trend, blockbuster, rely on the change of traditional industry, innovation, efforts to build China's valuable leisure food chain monopoly brand! Living in hunan friends most should know, snack good busy main micro profit, super cheap, in food preferences are occupies an important position in my heart. Main products: all kinds of nuts, nuts, candied fruit, meat, seafood, candy, pastry, Taiwan food, food exports, the specialty, drinks, etc. , are working on will nutrition, healthy, delicious and delicate snacks to share. Snack well management requirements (1) as large chain - busy - join snack brand, enhance the headquarters Store management is imminent (2) snack category need more refined management; The retail and wholesale easy confusion, it is necessary to clear the sales records (3) the member variety store, need more sophisticated operations, (4) activities to more marketing solutions to support the SAP system for fast days inn star yao edition snacks a day 1, chain - tailored solutions Join retail chain store management, the headquarters unified management, all stores data sharing; Type joining chain, headquarters management, branches have more autonomy and data sharing. 2, refined, commodity management, support hybrid cloud goods library, detailed goods file, fine management; Support wholesale + retail store of mixed operation, can wholesale sales, wholesale customer account management, etc. , clear sales business. 3, member management refinement perfect information, flexible use of member integral, diversification of stored value, and gift certificates issued, SMS alerts, etc. , more sophisticated management members, better stores dig membership value. 4, diversified marketing function discounts, special offers, buy full send three promotion plan system, according to the actual scene have different ways of promotion; Combined with micro member online features: send invite open card and polite, courteous, consumption coupons, etc. A variety of marketing solutions, promote store performance! Store management in perfect order, performance rising! 3 months to sell 10 w bag of snacks, created the success of the store. Days inn star yao edition cashier system to constantly update iteration in the retail industry, constantly meet the latest market requirements.
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