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Social Distancing Intelligent Face Identity and Temperature Detection Biometric System Solution


Since many people recover to work from coronavirus pandemic, it will become the key areas for epidemic prevention and visitor management in the railway stations, airports, metro stations, shopping centres, museums and other public places in major cities across the world. This is a big challenge for many cities to realize non-contact screening and rapid detection of fever temperature population in these densely populated areas.

The Fdata F803P biometric solution is developed for the face recognition, identity authentication, infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection and other technical aspects. By adjusting and upgrading the face recognition algorithm, it defines the face recognition algorithm in the scene of wearing a mask to achieve real-time accurate detection and recognition of the face with masks, and timely finds the person without masks and refuses to pass; At the same time, a thermal imaging temperature camera is deployed at the face recognition channel to measure the temperature of the passing persons in a non-contact and fast manner, which can meet the business requirements of identity verification, temperature detection, face attendance, gate access and so on in the scene of wearing a mask. In short, it is now using intelligent face recognition equipment, wearing masks can also realize by screening attendance's face identity and infrared thermal imaging technology. Of course, you can absolutely turn off the function of mask detection. This depends on your requirements. We hope to build the first epidemic prevention barrier for enterprises to the resumption of production through this series of technical innovation.

Regarding to the current prevention need of the coronavirus epidemic, when the face recognition equipment turns on the mask detection function, it will give priority to the detection of whether the person wear a mask. As those who do not wear masks, the system will prompt them to wear masks through voice. Only after wearing masks can face recognition be carried out and body temperature be detected. High temperature which it’s over than your definition temperature can trigger alarm, and those with normal body temperature can access to pass. This can remind the duty personnel of epidemic prevention at the same time, achieve active epidemic prevention control, realize 7 / 24 hours real-time supervision, effectively guarantee and improve the safety of public places.

Feature 1: Non-contact rapid temperature measurement, strict prevention of cross infection

The front-end of the system is based on the infrared thermal imaging technology, which can detect the human body temperature in a short distance and non-contact method. The detection distance is about 0.2 to 1.0 m, and the detection error is ± 0.3 ℃. When the temperature exceeds the set threshold, the system will deliver an alarm automatically.

Feature 2: Wearing a mask, screening face to identify whether to wear a mask

The mask mode of smart face recognition system supports mask detection and mask scene face recognition. Through face comparison and face detection with the white list in the system, fast speed screening of attendance and access can be realized, and real-time voice and screen reminders can be used for those who do not wear masks.

Feature 3: Real time data storage, convenient for background query and tracking

The system records the name, time, body temperature, captured face image and other information of the personnel in real time, and uploads them to the intelligent big data cloud platform, which is convenient for the management to query the information of the passing personnel and check the abnormal situation.

Feature 4: Definable multiple language voice message to comply with your native people

The system of facial recognition terminal is able to be defined a your native language to fit the local people. It’s widely integrated the most of mainstream languages.

Feature 5: It supports multiple installation methods according to your device locations

It’s made for installation on the pillar, wall mount, desktop stand, entrance gate.

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The face recognition temperature measurement intelligent system can be widely used in communities, office buildings, airports, scenic spots and other places with high mobility and crowd congestion. By enabling the face recognition attendance and temperature measurement functions in the scene of wearing masks, the enterprise can help employees to reduce the risk of contact, and achieve the goal of epidemic prevention and return to work. Relying on artificial intelligence and other technical innovation, continues to help epidemic prevention management, contributing to the return to work and the social distancing.