Some computer cashier system can cause of poisoning!

by:Fdata     2020-08-03
In today's modernization, informationization, intellectualized, behavior from all walks of life in the sea change, as a professional service in entity store formats using the cashier system, there has been a qualitative change. Early cashier system, also is the traditional system of cashier we now say, basically, more suitable for large developers use super stores, such as early into the domestic management of foreign-invested enterprises wal-mart supermarket, the cashier system developed by the earliest a batch of cashier team personnel responsible for technology development and applications of the system. However, traditional cashier system software in many places there are some disadvantages, first you need to purchase the server, operating system, database, a large number of large software and hardware facilities, such as VPN, if they are chain stores, also need to press equipment purchase, the more equipment cost is higher; The second is based on this, also need to hire a professional maintenance of various equipment software, the early implementation of complex, need professional team or agents to implement. Because system is responsible for, operation is not flexible, without operator training, more difficult to fit into work, the operator needs to provide professional training personnel to give guidance, on the human costs much more. The most important thing is that because of the traditional cash register software data security is lower, stores in use process, the database is stored locally, equipment software is vulnerable to viruses, trojans, wrong operation, such as hardware failure reasons. With the development of social economy, the residents living standards improve at the same time, to consumers as the carrier of the entity stores on the operation and management is also abandon the disadvantages of the traditional software of cashier, began to online intelligent cashier system software. However, even if the present state of society is in an intelligent information age, but a lot of online stores is not cashier software, is still in the use of traditional cashier system software, which is why some computer cashier system can cause of poisoning in data security is not high, it is easy to receive the outside world.
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