Summary! The major events that face recognition in 2019 terminal.

by:Fdata     2020-06-14
In 2019 is a year of rapid progress of science and technology, brush face is we listen to the most words, is a symbol of development of AI technology, let's take stock on face recognition in 2019 terminals which have taken place in the big event. First: face recognition + site in early 2019 of housing and urban-rural development, human resources, social security has issued the management measures of the construction workers real-name Trial) ', face recognition real-name system management system application in site, a comprehensive power should standardize the order of construction market, in order to strengthen the management of construction workers, ensuring the engineering quality and safety in production to standardize the order of construction market labor, promote the healthy development of construction industry. Face recognition real-name system at the same time protect the income, rights and interests of workers, regulating the behavior of migrant wages payment, ensure that rural migrant workers paid on time and in full amount. Second: face recognition terminal + garbage classification in 2019 set off a wave of events: the garbage classification. In order to protect the environment, make resources sustainable development, first in Beijing, Shanghai and other parts of the country began to do garbage sorting ShiFanDe, gradually the country again! And face recognition + garbage classification is, through the integration of the human face real-name let everyone consciously garbage classification. Third: face recognition terminal + payment at the end of 2018, the ant gold released a dragonfly brush face payment terminals. In 2019, the ant gold under brush face up and further strengthen technology and business incentives brought brand-new service experience, to new retail brush face pay full access to our lives, in convenience stores, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants can experience, don't need cash, don't need a mobile phone, gently brush can finish the payment. Guangdong sky wave is the dragonfly generation of hardware vendors, and the ant gold joint opens the brush face pay for a new era. Fourth: face recognition + community in the Internet era of rapid development, with the improvement of people's life, entrance guard system is the starting point of intelligent community intelligence community. Face recognition entrance guard to prevent strangers casually, tight step strong community safety management; And for the residents to provide more convenient and safe way of entrance guard, don't forget to take entrance card, the key is lost or fingerprint identification is not flexible, more intelligent, more secure, more human! Fifth: face recognition + airport terminal in Beijing daxing airport is China's another great building, is one of the new seven wonders of the world, in addition to the magnificent building, there is full of amazing black science and technology, boarding, luggage monitoring, brush brush face face to ask the way, AR glasses passenger recognition applications such as landing in succession, against a face to the world. Sixth: face recognition terminal + the wisdom of the school campus informationization construction, has always been an important part of national education. In 2019, facial recognition technology to formally enter the campus, improve the campus safety management, the school gate, such as a school dormitory entrance all need to face recognition, improve the efficiency of the campus management work; Library entrance, a library, canteen consumption also use face recognition to authenticate, and teachers and the students' attendance, etc. , the every corner of the school, every scene can experience the facial recognition technology has brought the convenience. Seventh: face recognition + toilet paper provided free public toilets, the purpose of the paper is to facilitate the general public, but it can't avoid some low quality of ordinary citizen showed smoke light put the toilet paper. Face recognition technology of the new product, you can have good supervision effect in the process, make people gradually regulate their own behavior. Face recognition of paper machine is beneficial to save paper, can provide users with convenient and comfortable and considerate service, also can reduce cost for management, is the human face recognition technology and a practical application. 8: legislation with the widely application of face recognition, face recognition dispute also appear constantly, countries also attaches great importance to, on November 20, 2019, the national beacon committee on biometrics technology committee conference issued the white paper on biometrics ( The 2019 version) ', and established the national standard working group face recognition technology, face recognition of national standard formulation work full swing. Ensure the stable and healthy development of face recognition. Guangdong sky wave focus on biological recognition technology, the development of the cloud platform technology, in 2019 is also full of harvest. At the beginning of 2019, foshan city, was elected director of artificial intelligence to learn the first unit; In October 2019, won the award of security the highest international honor. Also invited many news media reports: 1, 2019 world conference on artificial intelligence, China central television reported that the sky-wave face recognition terminal; 2, the 17th China international public security expo, China central television (CCTV) field had an interview with sky wave intelligent cloud, deputy general manager; 3, the 21st session of China international hi-tech fair, foshan television station in the south China sea channel reported sky-wave face recognition terminals. In 2020, guangdong sky wave will bring more valuable products society, make face recognition more simple!
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