Supermarket cashier will replaced by self-help cash register? What development trend in the future!

by:Fdata     2020-05-26
Over the past few years, with the development of artificial intelligence, the part of the career are gradually replaced by intelligent devices, such as bank ATM terminals gradually in to replace the counter staff, self-service machine number, self-service query take card machine has replaced the bank service personnel of the hall, hotel buffet gets, in gradually replaced the lobby of the hotel service personnel and so on, of course, obvious changes is a self-service supermarket cashier, there is no one store, you will find that more and more supermarket next to the checkout counter is added a self-service channel, self-service channels placed several self-help cash register, more and more consumers will be done in the choose and buy goods, and automatic selection, through self-service register to complete checkout through self-service to sweep goods one code entry, finally using online payment or credit card payment or brush face can quickly complete the checkout process. So this way of self-help cashier, or no one shop, may be worrying if the employee's job to traditional retail industry. That we assume that the new way or store cashier model really can replace the old manual operation, can we really new way is better than the old? Below small make up parsing for everyone! First of all, let's take a look at the advantages of self-service checkout equipment: traditional way of artificial cashier for each channel set a cashier at the checkout charges for the consumer, the cashier usually need scanning bar code one by one and finally to unlimited online check or cash payment methods, if it is cash cashier, the cashier will need to manually counting and yanchao work. The self-service checkout mode, the original channel area of 4 - can be placed 6 self-help cash register, the consumer just self-help scan every product barcode, then use a credit card, brush a face, or online payment to complete checkout. Consumers can choose the way is based solely on personal needs, such as not enough cash on me, we choose the mobile payment, if the phone without electricity, we can also choose to pay, brush a face, there is no want to buy something forgot to bring my wallet with bank card embarrassed! When rich, self-help supermarket cashier pay brush face scan code polymerization equipment can be seen from these two points, self-help cashier is far lower than the artificial cashier on space requirements, self-service checkout steps than artificial cashier, simple and quick, so the efficiency of using self-service checkout methods are higher than artificial cashier. So, since the dealer supermarket cashier equipment becomes widespread, the cashier will have no matter to do? It is to create more opportunities. Some people say that the real service is art. , for example, the cashier before you laugh, that is not necessarily true in laughter, just work she needs her laugh, such occupational fake smile, can let a person produce pleasure? Of course not! When rich, convenience stores, snack bar self-help pay brush face equipment but, when companies reduce the cashier position, and put more money and manpower to supermarkets, store operations and customer experience and service to above, the output temperature interaction, that is real service. And this, is a self-service equipment, machine can't do it. When none of the self-help cashier, shop smart shopping way more development, such as single function such as the cashier position will be reduced gradually, but to have multiple stores operating technical personnel demand more instead. So the rise of the self-service checkout equipment, also prompted the cashier will have a better position requirements, and the process, is also a process of accumulation and upgrade, after all, a person have to adapt to social change, and maintain an interest in learning, can be in constant change.
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