Supermarket to live fresh cash register management weakness 丨 intelligence to help you quickly improve turnover

by:Fdata     2020-07-18
At ordinary times when shopping market we all know, almost 80% area is used for fresh vegetable market sales, only around a circle for rental, or open a grocery store, selling seasonings such as packaged goods. And business fresh items in a supermarket, very different from the market or trade wholesale market, the supermarket of fresh area on the surface, the same as the vegetable market, is fruit area, ShuCai District, aquatic products, meat, etc. Is not that simple, light from the area, with the right market, etc. General claims for the fresh supermarket, fresh area only accounted for about 30% of the business area, and the other more or label product area. Turned in a supermarket, the fresh raw attract customers is through the management, the purpose of to the customer's guide to the supermarket packaging food and grocery department, this is a supermarket real income and the main source of profits. Is the development of China's chain supermarket to live fresh area in recent years, fresh weak reason there are three main of business: fresh business integrity and commodity structure is not reasonable; Sales and profitability is not strong; Management and training system is not perfect. Supermarket chain management, logistics management, to do well on the management, to sustainable development. Then how to do fresh business in a supermarket? The main is management and operation aspects, now some of the chain supermarket to live fresh business, frequent problems in basic management, the key is not effective to establish the most efficient management system and have no choice to cashier system. This management system included from training, field, supervision, check, evaluation, processes, and so on several parts. Each part is complementary to each other. For example, the new staff training, help and qualified old workers, after completion of training arrangement in field, look to whether accord with work needs. After normal work, must work in accordance with the work flow, period for each node, such as order receiving, display, monitor, said, reported loss, spot check and audit, to ensure that the process execution. In addition, the supermarket need has a smart cash registers, smart cash register every store one of the secrets of success, also is the indispensable power tool every store. It combines cashier, management and service in one of the efficient cashier equipment, not only can improve the consumer's shopping experience, also can improve the efficiency of the store operation and management, so as to improve merchandise sales.
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