Suzhou wujiang area children's hospital to enable 'wisdom dining room'

by:Fdata     2020-04-25
Enable suzhou wujiang district in December 2019 children's hospital of nanjing calf intelligent technology co. , LTD. The wisdom of the dining room. But when it comes to the hospital canteen, give us the first impression is the dining room information, low level of intelligent, patient and escort order inconvenient, doctors satisfaction generally is not high. Canteen management pattern, operation cost is not controlled, waste is serious, regulation is difficult. Along with the continuous development of Internet technology, many hospital cafeteria for promoting the construction of intelligent hospital, build implementation brush face and custom of health food and beverage intelligent hospital cafeteria eating, promote hospital operation and management efficiency, a worker and patient satisfaction, and the wisdom of sweet and comfortable dining room to appear in public. Hospital cafeteria wisdom in order to satisfy the demands of humanized service staff and patients, no matter from the settlement mode, operation mode, service mode, or on the order, and other functions, is very different from traditional dining room. Can think tank in the dining room reservation in advance. Hospital worker can through the mobile phone APP or handheld PDA booking meal dining room, kitchen dishes after good Fried after can be directly by APP or text messages to remind the worker to the dining room to take food, eating; Patients and their families by qr code scanning head of a bed, dining-room mobile-phone order a meal, or life service center staff to patients' bedside PDA handheld order a meal, brush support face, alipay, meal card payments, the dishes done will also have a notice to remind, don't have to wait at the window, diners can take food at any time. Wisdom in face recognition, rapid repast seconds and settlement. Hospital cafeteria wisdom through intelligent hardware collocation face recognition system, patients and their families and hospital staff just in front of the face recognition canteen machine, brush a face, by face recognition to confirm information, choose love to eat food, it is ok to click confirm to complete checkout, the whole process of no more than 3 seconds. Medical staff at the same time to realize dining and wisdom through brush face supermarket shopping SEC settlement. Intelligent face recognition and settlement, 10 minutes can complete 3000 people dining, will greatly reduce the queue waiting time for a meal, improving worker dining experience. Hospital innovation using artificial intelligence hospital cafeteria, make wisdom canteen, is not only the positive response to the health of China's 2030 plan for innovation, and apply the hospital information construction in hospital logistics socialization the important measure of deepening reform and innovation.
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