Take-out applet advantage is endless, the businessman do not miss opportunity!

by:Fdata     2020-06-01
The outbreak of promote the development of takeout small programs, but also an offline each big caused a huge blow to the catering industry, through this outbreak must do offline only a single mode of catering industry also know the importance of online traffic, now is the great age of the Internet, even offline shops, also want to do online integration, to survive in this competitive era of new technology. Sudden outbreak let offline all the merchants did not, however, allow small application stand out, stopped a foothold firmly. As more and more people are using a small program, the use of the small program is more broad. Which let a person have to carry is the food industry, food industry in recent years, the rapid development of gave consumers a lot of convenience. Especially during the pandemic, take-away small program is to let more people praise, because there is no more at risk of infection to go out for food. There is much to be said for take-out small programs of hot, what's the advantage of it? ( 1) Without commission for catering applet smoke into proprietary stores, commissions and smoke into nature doesn't exist, and the delivery platform is to draw every single 22% commission, this is actually a commission for businesses is high. Therefore, take-away applet first advantage is let merchants to master all the profits. ( 2) Improve in-store services catering online booking function of small programs for high-end hotels and restaurants, in the rush hour, shunt customers, enhance the level of service is very practical, and can in order to add a small program dishes and direct payments, to undertake large banquet service can greatly reduce labor costs. ( 3) Cover users more delivery platform is dare to smoke is proportional to the time and improve the commission, is depend on the user, because its mastery of the stores and small program's main advantage lies in the huge user community, backed by WeChat, at present, the small program on live has close to 600 million, covering the people obviously than two delivery platform. ( 4) Free of malicious competition in addition to the unreasonable pumping, take-out platform's biggest problem is that many businesses, in order to rank, many businessmen at a low price dumping, pay promotion, malicious competition overall profit margins decline. For small programs, after a user clicks will be retained to WeChat, need not worry about the problem of competition. How about having a delivery of their own small program? Looking for on development platform: food and beverage industry do small program only small program production cooperation platform, with a third party and individual 'dirty' platform technical strength is low, the development of small programs although cheap, but full of holes, to practical application is not available. And large and medium-sized platforms such as wenzhou designed for science and technology is not only strong technical strength, upgrades and more timely follow-up and new function, for the vast majority of businesses don't know anything about small program operation of the status quo of formal platform will also provide one-on-one training for free. Outbreak and the double effect of the Spring Festival, let small application more and more exposure in the perspective of the public, as traders have small program popular degree deepening, also make catering people know little program real catering enterprises more catering basic standard is just around the corner. As the dining scene digital service providers, all will contribute more catering enterprises realize digital upgrade!
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