Talk about uniqlo self-service checkout

by:Fdata     2020-05-27
This topic is really want to share with you at the end of 2019, but the work is too saturated, can now during epidemic prevention. When was the first time in LuOne accidentally experienced uniqlo self-service checkout process, after has been seen in other projects. Visible below the brand to the previous artificial cashier area abbreviated renovation, almost half of the room, self-service checkout area for planning. With many supermarkets already launched scanning barcode for self-help pay is different, from the above we can see, uniqlo step 3 quick pay, is now almost habits based on public mobile payment's streamline processes. 1, into the goods; 2, sweep the yard to pay; 3, self-help bagging. Consumers only need to buy clothes in below the right side of the storage area, on the left side of the screen that displays the details of goods, the choice of payment, place the phone in the red box tip area show the qr code, can complete the payment, take cashier, bagging. From experience, which are supposed to be the best way to now, the reason for this is that removes the consumer will sweep the yard goods one by one step ( Is the self-service checkout process in the most time consuming and tedious steps) , technology level, is derived from the brand of a few years ago the RFID electronic tag. Shown in baidu encyclopedia: radio frequency identification rfid technology ( 无线电频率识别、射频识别) , it is a kind of automatic identification technology, no contact the bidirectional data communication by way of radio frequency, using radio frequency way of recording media ( An electronic tag or rf card) To read and write, so as to achieve the purpose of identify the target and the data exchange, it is considered to be one of the most development potential of information technology in the 21st century. RFID electronic tag to hide behind each item price, off to see, self-service checkout the storage space of built-in equipment can therefore be read for each product identification. Reports from the frontier of technology, the reference part, uniqlo as early as in 2015 has been opened in the Japanese market self-help cashier pilot, and announced in 2017 that introducing the RFID electronic tag at thousands of stores around the world. For 2020 years, therefore, sharing is not to say how much the function is advanced, and it is not exclusive to uniqlo's technology. From practical purposes, the RFID electronic tag is far from the only for cashier phase, thanks to track recognition for goods, so in addition to the logistics management in the field of commercial retail, merchandise anti-counterfeiting support, such as the background in the store, it can also help to better understand consumer brand preference of different commodities, collocation methods, etc, uniqlo has brought the RFID shopping cart, fitting room and other equipment. Are now sharing, on the one hand, the technology really until the end of last year or so in the domestic market gradually begin to implement ( Mainly based on many other non-technical problems, such as self-help cashier also need the ability to learn, such as the use of mobile payment habit as the foundation) , only accepted by consumers, the investment worthwhile. On the one hand, from the experience, the technology and fully meet my daily share based on increase efficiency, improve the user experience two users judgment standard. Recently for supplementary food supplies demand, has been to two box of the horse, the self-help cashier experience is good enough, but uniqlo is better, RFID technology is not necessarily apply to all forms of course) 。 On the other hand, or combining the during of epidemic prevention, we want to travel less as far as possible, even if had to need to go out, also should try to avoid close contact with people. Self-help cashier to more choice, improve efficiency, increase a sense of security.
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