Tea good helper 丨 tea shop market scale, smart cash register to help you improve market share

by:Fdata     2020-05-26
Tea shop, vast domestic market, and presents a piece of the red sea. The major streets, shopping malls, tea drinks, drinks, milk tea shop store can be seen everywhere, especially the milk tea shop, density is very high, in the same floor of a mall may have four or five, or even more. But you will find that a lot of shop customers is not much, well-known brands of tea shop is often a long line, popular hot. But only by the queue length to judge whether the tea shop good drink, whether this is a good phenomenon? Hi tea, for example, used to mention it will think of queuing. But I recently to the nearby stores or buy a cup of tea cheese mans mans, only to see the people in the queue is not much, not the web celebrity degree has tea shop? No, according to the data show that by the end of the third quarter of 2018, the country now drink tea stores of 45 m, grew by 74% a year, the new Chinese style tea market scale, more than 90 billion yuan, including xi tea stores selling an average of 2000 a drink a day. Why, then, is now in the tea line up the ones less? The secret is the tea shop now system is digital upgrades milk tea shop. Xi tea online offline cashier system two-pronged reform. Small program proposed buffet meal, let the customer can order in advance before to the shop and order, save customers time. Now, use small program self-help order orders accounted for 40% of total orders, you can see the customer to welcome this self-help order form. In addition, in the real offline tea shop also upgraded the cash register. For tea shop milk tea shop product demand diversity, such as each customer sweetness of drinks, ice, charging customization requirements, simple and flexible milk tea shop cash register operation interface, can let the employees within half a day to learn how to operate milk tea shop a cash register, easy to use. In the actual order scenario, can quickly complete the order placement, reduce the error rate. The optimization of this kind of milk tea shop cash register can let every single order time reduced 3 - 5 seconds, can achieve highest record 4000 single one day, it is no wonder that customers don't need to line up now. Recently, xi tea also launched unmanned cashier, combining self-help order and self-help sideboard, further reduce labor costs. Someone suggested that if there is no such perfect digital capability (like tea They also set up in 2017 by the IT department) And how to improve the ability of system and operating tea shop? Small make up recommend everyone here a sky wave intelligent brush face pay cash register TPS680C, with professional cashier light face recognition and 3 d structure of the hardware, software can support scan code order, self-help order and brush face payment function, built-in double screen show, the home screen for the clerk operating milk tea shop cash register system, customer price list, propaganda video screen can play menu, promotions, etc. , enhance brand visibility, attract customers into the store consumption, improve conversion rate. Digital management and human experiences, and is becoming a tea shop and milk tea shop, etc. As one of the key competitive advantage.
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