Tell you to open a convenience store chain convenience store boss what matters needing attention

by:Fdata     2020-05-10
Convenience store business has a lot of, in the form of revenue management, brand to join operation, revenue development chain store management, no matter what kind of form, set up shop all need to consider very carefully. For many beginners, in addition to the preparation work, outside the experience is worth learning from peers, superiors, so think fast days store cashier system share a convenience store chain boss tube store experience, hope to open a shop of your help. First, open a shop generally important point is the location of the problem, location choice in place, means that more than half of the success. All know, open a shop location will have to be selected in prime locations, such as dense and stable residential neighborhood, near the office building entrances or etc. , the place where the stream such as scenic spots, station, hospitals, schools, etc. ; Secondly, in-store product selection, open a decent convenience store, whether constructions or plan to develop chain, early had better be to manage the cigarette, people may not know, demand for cigarette smoking, basic person into a shop to buy a smoke will buy other things. Not cigarette production and sales in a market economy, but basically the demand, in ensuring the cigarette distribution is enough, also should be careful of counterfeit cigarettes. Good relations and tobacco, due to some high-grade cigarette; Moreover, store the other commodity, some conventional brand goods supply chain is very mature, want to do constructions is that there is no way and convenience store chain competition, gross margin basically is not much, so be sure to do the differentiation of goods, such as web celebrity can also introduce goods, cooked food commodities can also be introduced, but this we can see, such as office buildings and other places must be introduced. Some platform operation also want to use, such as jingdong shopkeeper bao, alibaba, Tmall shop, commodity prices, particularly cheap do activities, in addition, also can't always fixed supply channels, must find a way to increase their own supply channels! And most important, the use of the convenience store cashier system, now have a entity shop, cashier cashier cast and management are indispensable knowledge, excellent hardware and software facilities, effective management tube store strategy, of course, professional and efficient system is more than the cashier so simple, system covers enters sells saves the link management, inventory management, the analysis of the various data report, and personnel management, etc. , can be used a cashier system. , of course, in order to help the stores increase the scope of business, as is the use of micro mall was welcomed by a lot of shopkeepers, will operate area not only limited in a certain area, a business circle, and customers can through WeChat to your online shopping mall, member data, product data through comprehensively, online shopping more smoothly. Business areas not limited, the store revenue has infinite space.
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