Temperature measuring solution system power epidemic prevention and control 丨 non-contact measuring temperature, don't pick the mask can also be measured

by:Fdata     2020-05-14
During the rework tide, railway stations, airports, office buildings and other public places people gathered themselves together, and how to monitor the abnormal temperature, become a big problem. People in and out of the village, usually with the guard turn with the forehead temperature measuring gun, but in many places, such action is not reality, so the AI companies began demonstrated using infrared thermometer. By infrared thermal imaging camera, infrared thermometer for greater than 3 m people within the scope of non-contact remote temperature measurement, can be measured at the same time, 100 people. If someone more than 37 in the crowd. 3 ℃, the thermometer can quickly identify, and tips for secondary measurement review staff. Kuang apparent 明骥 temperature measuring solution system how can be the temperature of everyone in the group mark out? Kuang apparent Xie Yinan told vice President of finance and economics, kuang apparent AI are said to have been doing is human body detection, this time they will ordinary optical camera and infrared temperature sense camera combined into an organic whole, after transforming the hardware to solve this problem. In addition, all exposed skin in the winter of very few and wearing masks, how to find the part of the effective temperature is another challenge. Kuang depending on the way to my mask scanning is first, then quickly through a mask to locate the position of the forehead. Now everyone in the launch of the infrared temperature measurement, and the market demand is very big, the response speed becomes a problem. In addition, the temperature measurement accuracy will be influenced by many factors, especially in the station this traffic is bigger, indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the environment is more complex, hard to avoid can float with temperature. Xi 'an pomelo Wang Yaheng said, general manager of a group of information science and technology co. , LTD. Infrared temperature measurement in order to ensure the precision of temperature measurement, is crucial for a hardware call black body, in short supply at present. Before the products are generally small-scale production, market demand is not so big. The sudden outbreak of epidemic, made bold to manufacturer's reaction speed is high requirements are put forward. AI companies face the unfamiliar supply chain, how to quickly realize large-scale production, has become the urgent matter. Wang Yaheng said. Kuang see introduced a new algorithm about it, even if no error of the blackbody temperature can also be the guarantor cervix in 0. 3 ℃, provides a new possibility to the industry. There is a special case, the current epidemic everyone is wearing masks and hats, for staff to return to work, wearing masks can easily implement brush face clock and temperature measuring, a new just need. Thomson technology for office entrance guard this scene, developed SenseThunder - E warm fire test imager + SensePass Pro non-inductive through temperature measurement scheme of the temperature anomalies and not wearing a mask is automatically intercept. Some startup also seize the opportunity to play, a group of pomelo information technology epidemic prevention and control body temperature prediction system for jiangxi shangrao city related department, made the face recognition + + cloud temperature monitoring analysis integrated system.
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