Temperature measuring system of face recognition entrance guard, widely used in many village in jiangsu!

by:Fdata     2020-05-21
Early in the morning every day, in changzhou city, jiangsu province, the north gate, a district village resident can be installed through the gate of face recognition entrance guard temperature measuring system, in order to brush a face temperature measurement. The community residents or tenants of the information input system, can brush directly to the face, do not need to register id and artificial temperature, foreigners cannot enter at will. Temperature control and prevention of epidemic period, if every village entrance guard is so high-tech, so this a few months to epidemic prevention staff workload is reduced a lot! Nanjing qinhuai district in hongwu address village, each building unit doors installed temperature measuring system of face recognition entrance guard, residents don't have to take out key, stand in front of the camera about 1 meter location, system can accurately identify and open the door and temperature measurement, transfer data between the background monitoring system to the community. Community leaders said facial recognition technology to grassroots epidemic prevention has lightened the burden, a lot of face recognition entrance guard temperature measuring system to enhance the governance ability of grid community also less pressed on personnel deployment, can make more energy trying to corner. Recently, in view of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, ningxia yinchuan xixia district in starting the face recognition entrance guard at a community in the temperature measurement system. Residents as long as the input information resident in advance can brush face free access to village, village of face recognition temperature when making brush face recognition entrance guard system, synchronous detection through personnel's temperature, when passing people don't wear a face mask ( You can set) Or body temperature more than set standards, voice system will improve the alert, synchronous access gate does not open, easy to remind the past security on prevention and control. Since the face recognition temperature entrance guard system installation, reduce staff contact and ensure that personnel in and out quickly, not assembled. But this kind of face recognition entrance guard temperature measuring system is developed by bo, in view of the outbreak, when emergency and prevention and control of emergency supplies to a line, the system also can connect the computer terminals, to collect information, travel path verification, stream of people during SARS report, data analysis, focus on people care, etc to provide intelligence support for wisdom resistance to disease, of course, in view of the urgent research and development of the outbreak, the face recognition temperature entrance guard system can also be widely used in more public scene, such as unit, enterprise entrance guard, the scenic spot, libraries, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, etc. , compared with the manual temperature measurement, face recognition entrance guard temperature measurement system not only has function of entrance guard, synchronous clock, data aggregation, and other functions, is the long-term use of the necessary equipment for enterprises!
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