The advantage of brush face to pay? Before payment, payment after marketing look at!

by:Fdata     2020-07-26
2019 is a year brush face pay waves, since into the commercial face recognition technology, brush face pay for rapid development. It is understood that at present Chinese brush face users has exceeded 100 million. More and more businesses by IoT machine + marketing way, explore new business scenario. As a payment and a dragonfly devices, in pay before or pay after, launched a number of marketing tools. Before paying, for example, a dragonfly scrolling electronic posters, light can be put on the merchant's member material, and tell the customer can get discounts; After the payment, the screen can show the membership card, coupons, small programs, such as content, click on the customer after directly sent to mobile phones, promote the follow-up after purchase. Before payment: lock your customers with light members, on the other hand, business spending has gone into the era of members, members can give businesses usually contribute nearly 70% of sales. Member rights is a top priority, provides the rights is too fat, can make thin profits, affect the management effect; Equity is too thin and customers buying again. So pay treasure light member becomes a better new, complex and purchasing tools, light members through sesame credit authorization or frozen flowers bai limit, the user can no membership fees in advance in advance, can enjoy preferential first. Electronic posters and dragonflies equipment, can be directly put on the light member rights and privileges, played over and over again. If the customer is interested in, click on the opening, accounting on the spot. For example, a milk tea shop provides customers with 9. 9 yuan for members, will be four full 60 minus 8 yuan coupon activities. Do members need not pay first, customers can get a coupon. Expire after a month, the member, coupons with how many credits, how much the membership fee, cap is 9. 9 yuan. After the payment: with good marketing SanBanFu light members with the electronic posters publicity before payment, pay after the same have a powerful marketing tool. Dragonfly membership CARDS, coupons, small program will serve as the marketing ability. A classic scenario is that: customers face of brush is used at the front desk to pay, after coming to remind you to have a full 100 minus 15 yuan coupon to receive, customer click the dragonfly send coupons to the mobile phone on the screen, then open the alipay, receive preferential information, into the merchants small program to receive. In addition to the coupons, membership card and small program activities page, can be fixed on the dragonfly page after the payment, let the merchants combination. Of course, the above operations can generation operation by the service provider.
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