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The advantage of face recognition thermometer application used in the market!


With the arrival of the national resumption of work, epidemic prevention has entered another critical stage. How to do a good job of epidemic prevention and withstand the pressure of interpersonal communication will become the test of many enterprise units, communities and transportation hubs. 

We can see that at present, strict temperature measurement screening methods are implemented everywhere. Everyone entering a public place needs to pass the detection of face recognition thermometer, temperature gun, infrared temperature measurement terminal, face detection temperature control access control terminal, or a body temperature can only enter. At the same time, identity verification has also become the key to grasping the interpersonal communication trajectory.

In addition to temperature measurement, visitor attendance and catering shops of many enterprises also need to register through identity information, which is convenient for tracking personnel information and activity trajectory, finding the source of communication in time, and locking the scope of close contacts. Fdata biometric fever detection system facial recognition terminal supports temperature measurement and face recognition. However, if only relying on traditional manual registration, there are inefficient and time-consuming problems, and it is also easy to cause cross-infection of personnel. At present, many entrances and exits of office premises and residential areas are equipped with face detection temperature control access control terminals, which can complete infrared temperature measurement and real-name identity verification without contact.

Fdata face recognition temperature measurement terminal  supports wall-mounted and gate-type installation. Fdata brush face temperature measurement access control terminal can not only support face recognition, but also can choose to recognize NFC card and second-generation ID card reading. Moreover, the installation of Fdata's face-control temperature access control terminal is more convenient. It also supports wireless WIFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth and other communication methods. 4G full Netcom is optional. It can be used without pulling a network cable. It can be flexibly installed in different locations. Support wall-mounted, vertical desktop, gate etc.

The Fdata face recognition thermometer or facial recognition terminal applied to the gate of a certain park unit can quickly verify the user information without the need to travel additional paper certificates. The face-to-face temperature measurement access control terminal is used in communities and office buildings to identify whether residents or company employees in the area can only enter after completing identity verification through face recognition, ID card recognition or NFC card recognition. In addition, the temperature measurement function of the access control terminal by brushing the face temperature can directly detect the body temperature of the person through infrared technology and screen the person with abnormal body temperature to achieve early detection and early isolation. What's more, the face-sweeping temperature-control access control terminal can also be connected to the background for intelligent analysis and real-time management, such as recording the number of travels and travel times of people entering and leaving, and even using these information to quickly lock suspected infected people for communities and work parks, The entrances and exits of key areas such as railway stations are strictly controlled, from which we can see that the great advantages of face recognition thermometer application used in the market or daily life!