The cash register often freezes solution!

by:Fdata     2020-08-05
The cash register appeared to crash? Both catering industry and fruit, business super stores encounter this problem will have a headache, and maintenance of the master can't be around 24 hours a day. So small make up according to everyday experience, summed up the points, hope can help to you. 1, to check whether the memory is full in the system Settings. 2, if the software stuck ( Software card dead can point with the navigation key process, back to the desktop) , you can uninstall software of cashier, and then download the latest version of the software in the application market. 3, if the hardware card death ( Hardware card dead point any case without the translation, can't fall back on the desktop) , you can try to reset the cash register ( Restore factory Settings) 4, if the above points are attempts will appear often jammed, suggested that contact the hardware manufacturer to return factory repair. This is an issue often appear in our daily life, if met, businesses can according to the steps to try, could quickly solve the problem. But in general, choose to register the brand, the quality is absolutely no problem, here recommend guest safe cashier system.
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