The characteristics of the intelligent canteen 丨 informatization, digital, fine!

by:Fdata     2020-07-20
Traditional dining industry has been plagued by the human cost is high, the rent is high, the high food prices, low profit high one low. With the rapid popularization of AI technology, intelligent dining room is more and more popular, with the development of Internet technology, from the transformation of the traditional dining room to the arrival of the future intelligent dining room, the seamless joint between the supply chain to the canteen, canteen has become an infinite possibility of social consumption, canteen, future is no longer a simple money selling food, but because of who I am to provide personalized service and improve satisfaction to make money. No matter into what kind of era, the need to change is not the traditional behavior of the industry, but the life in the canteen manager thinking, canteen management informationization, intellectualization of canteen operation plays an important role as a whole. A, intelligent dining room in some sense is semi-automatic canteen, intelligence is not entirely replace for Labour liberation. Once more than archives mouths service personnel, is bound to eliminate some people, to make full treasure intelligent terminal to replace, from the point of short - and long-term comprehensive, machine to replace manual is an irreversible trend, intelligent dining room the human settlement of repeated labor, improve the efficiency of the settlement of cashier, increased accuracy, is the key to the canteen management tool. Second, the intelligent canteen is fine dining room, rather than a straightforward style dining room. All management, for profit, finally want to profit the elaborating management is necessary. So-called detail decides success or failure, whether in user dinner or take food, eating, high-value, only, can impress the customers finally. Fine management ultimately reflected in canteen cost is reduced, indirectly promote the canteen sustainable profitability. Three, intelligent digital of canteen, canteen is is the basis of scientific analysis of the dining room. The biggest characteristic is the application of intelligent canteens data technology, can effectively improve equipment eat precision, reduce the canteen waste of resources, through the analysis of the historical data of the current passenger flow, can do the guidance of the scientific decision-making for the canteen management, effective auxiliary canteen managers to manage the canteen. In addition, the remote order and order management is the essential function of intelligent canteen, only through the users to order a meal, take food, eating the whole process, intelligent dining room to play its proper role, reflect its real intelligence!
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