The choice of cosmetics store cashier system, it is important to note that this a few key points!

by:Fdata     2020-06-02
For open cosmetics shop boss, how to choose and cashier software is a very important thing, and many shops boss to cashier software industry is not familiar with, hard to avoid in the choose and buy will not know where to begin. When the cosmetics shop owner entered the market, they found that the market truly tailored for cosmetics store management software product is not much. To many cosmetics shop owner can bring some help on selection system, we summarized the following a few inline principle of choose and buy. First, cashier process is simple, convenient sales analysis to the most basic function of cashier is a cashier software, the software must be simple and easy to operate, some employees may be on the computer operation isn't skilled, continue to buy this kind of circumstance of body system, a lot of high prices, and often need to use a long time to carry out the training work, is totally unnecessary. In addition each sale documents are part of the history store management, completes the necessary daily report, weekly report, monthly report is necessary, it can help you analyze good shops operating condition, such as which product is better to sell, which have been unsalable goods, think of some way to get good sell products sell better, businesses can be successful. Second: supports batch import, to support the classification and inventory store may have hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of kinds of goods, so the cashier software must be able to support batch import function, otherwise one by one manually input to let a person crazy sooner or later, best can support both EXCEL quickly import and scanning gun scanning way to import. Another is to support the function of commodity classification and function of goods inventory, because as you progress through the daily sales, commodity stocks could real-time changes, for a day or a week of each month inventory on a regular basis is a good way to check the goods categories of inventory and loss. Third: to support the promotion function, operation simple effective member management function of the cashier system accumulates a lot of old customer information, so choose a is necessary to have the promotion function of system, the most basic messaging system must be necessary, if you can through the development of electronic members, through the network push free coupon so much the better, late can effectively save the cost of sales promotion. System has a lot of promotional function now, we can according to the actual needs of choose and buy. Fourth: to support member management, support points and grading shop runs after period of time, if we is doing well, the old customer will more and more, then we can give some discount to promote their old customers to buy again, cultivate customer loyalty, now the most common and effective way is to set the integral system, customer score points according to consumption, the rules of the shopkeeper set points for now, the next consumer can use; Another way is to the customer of the preloaded classification, such as setting up level members enjoy discount, the secondary members enjoy 8 fold, level 3 members enjoy 7 fold, etc.
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