The current epidemic, from all walks of life are out of contact to the implementation of the service, in order to reduce personnel gathered, to avoid the spread of the virus and cross infection. Among them, by the person

by:Fdata     2020-06-23
Three-dimensional garage cheered hit not use inconvenience is the fundamental reason for car kit is one of the pain points of modern urban planning. As the domestic car ownership and urban land price rise year by year, mature community, office buildings, commercial complex crowded area such as parking Spaces is often not apply. According to the Ministry of Public Security data, by the end of 2019 the national car ownership of 2. 600 million units, of which over 200 million private cars, car ownership of more than 66 cities across the country millions of vehicles. People may doubt, a car covers an area of 5 - though How much area of 6 square meters, parking Spaces can be used to? In fact, because of the need to set aside enough traffic channels, traditional underground garage, on average, a car to take 40 square meters of land. Three-dimensional garage provides the new train of thought to solve the problem: if the double stereo garage, can make the ground utilization rate increase 80% 90%; If use multilayer three-dimensional garage, 50 square meters of area can deposit even forty cars, land use efficiency many times. In addition, because the three-dimensional garage requires the owner to stop the car to start on a specific location, you can completely separate one car from the management, ensure the safety of person and vehicles. Although the three-dimensional garage benefits, often appears in practical use situation of idle, in the domestic popularity is not high, the fundamental reasons behind the failed to sell is difficult to use. Traditional multilayer three-dimensional garage itself belongs to large complex machinery, often need professional management personnel valet operation, after the completion of the stock car to owners, also need when you pick up the car garage management personnel to operate. This pattern exist the following problems: first, compared with the current mainstream unattended garage, three-dimensional garage need special management manned 24 hours a day and provides users with access to car service, this will be a significant cost of human resources. Second, the user can't self-help operation, every time need to wait for the specialist operations, once meet peak parking or management personnel to go out, can lead to access time is too long, poor user experience. A handful of self-help operation support stereo garage process is relatively complicated, let users are not familiar with operation. Third, the owner must carry access credentials, once the certificate is lost, will also affect the normal use. Fourth, as a result of multilayer three-dimensional garage is large, complex machinery, need regular maintenance, once the vacancy rate is high, the lack of income, can lead to lack of maintenance funds, which in turn affect the user experience and confidence, eventually lead to a vicious cycle. Brush face make it possible for self-help operation boost domestic three-dimensional garage corner overtaking how to improve the use of three-dimensional garage experience and business conditions? Some industry enterprises to select add facial recognition system in three-dimensional garage, let users self-service operation becomes the first choice, such already can improve the user experience, also can reduce the labor costs in the three-dimensional garage operation, in addition to face as access credentials, can avoid the user to carry proof of physical inconvenience more greatly reduce the direct and indirect contact during the outbreak, with no contact service to provide security for the users. Hall, after the user parked the car parking confirmed by face recognition, car door closed automatically hall, three-dimensional garage began operating, send vehicles to free parking Spaces, all through the monitoring and control system for the whole show. Take car, too simple, the user need only complete face recognition, parking equipment will automatically take car hall to transfer back to the car. The whole process of using, owners do not need to save other relevant proof, also need not pick it up manually enter parking number and password, only need to brush a face can complete all operation, greatly simplifies the use steps, reduce physical contact. Three-dimensional garage operator, also need not arrange staff stationed and care, significantly reduce the cost of human resources. Through brush face complete security access car stereo garage, is very rare in domestic.
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