The current epidemic, the farmer's market management system, how 'important'?

by:Fdata     2020-05-12
The outbreak is the command, control and prevention is responsibility. Since the outbreak, all parts of the country's market regulator based on market regulatory functions, carry burdens, efficiently will implement every an epidemic prevention task. In the past, in and out of the market, everywhere is stream of people; Now, has not yet entered the market, can be heard in advance, please open the green passage in front of the code and related documents, please cooperate with staff in temperature detection and so on duty personnel. Although the execution cost of manpower and material resources, more energy than in the past, but the good news is that of people in to buy some food to our approach is to understand and agree with, so the whole process becomes more efficient. The farmer's market staff said. Of course, in order to fight with disease, many farmers' markets have used such a wisdom farmers' management system. The system is equipped with the admission self-service sweep warning, traceability tracking code register, frequency, the price monitoring, etc. Sweep code online registration in the system of the farmer's market, people need to scan the door put a qr code during admission, and self-help registration of personal information. Sweep yards after a successful registration, the background will record entry time. After registered a information, admission sweep code can need not register again. Traceability tracking once a farmers' market the outbreak cases together, which can realize consumer new moon and merchant: two-way. Consumer: sources, through the system background quickly find the patient admission record situation and consumption records, screening at the same time and the merchants trading behavior to the admission staff. Merchants new sources, can through the system the background to find out the trading behavior and the merchants of all consumers. After screening out the relevant contacts, by a mass text messages, public release, contact phone number to remind to do a good job of isolation and watching, and will report the outbreak epidemic prevention and control department. Frequency of early warning for the strict implementation of the city's households in every two days can be assigned to one where family members go out purchasing travel control rules, the background is also equipped with a frequency of admission 2 days can be early warning, if residents more than the rules will be warned at the scene. In addition, the system background according to the farmers market enterprises generate merchants back yards, support code registration transactions. The farmer's market with the intelligent management system, not only greatly improve the execution efficiency of market management, has also created a trust for citizens to set his mind at to go shopping environment of the market. Let us together, unity is strength, resistance to disease wisdom!
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