The difference between member management system and checkout system!

by:Fdata     2020-07-27
In the face of all kinds of system on the market, the traditional manual accounting has gradually become obsolete, intelligent system is becoming more and more popular, as businesses in the fierce market environment to provide tools and methods to live. In the face of the choice of the intelligent system, some businesses choose the main cashier cashier system management and data statistics, and the merchants of choice with a fully functional member management system, then what is the difference between these two products? Light on the surface, many people will be one-sided system is to be understood as a cashier, member management system is to be member of management, but in fact is not. 1, on the surface of the difference between the two: the cashier system is mainly used for cashier, it can accurately calculate and record the businessman's accounts, is a good helper of merchants to customers the checkout, its configuration is usually a cash register with a scanning guns, cash register system, installed inside the customer consumption, after scanning the system automatically calculate the price of member management system as its name implies is to help business management, also is to manage customers. Member management system is the inevitable outcome of economic development, member management system is not only at present, it has developed into a set of integrated system, includes member management, goods management, inventory management, marketing, statistical analysis, etc. Function. , of course, now a member of the management system of the composition also contains the cashier function, as well as to satisfy the business enterprise cashier function, also can manage daily business requirements. 2, the function of the difference: most of the cashier system, the initial system is installed at the cash register tradition, there are obvious limitations of shop management, lack of many shops need some marketing function, function is limited to the daily management. Member management system is not only contains the cashier function, but also contain other stores the function of management software, it can also be used to cashier, used to statistical analysis, used to carry out a variety of membership marketing; , the contrast ratio of 3: buy the cashier the function of the software is only using the cashier, but buy the member management system, not only can be used for member management, but also can be used for cashier, staff management and so on, so buy the member management system is equal to buy a lot of other management software, a set of software for money, with all the software functions, is more than one arrow carved.
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