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The facial recognition brings us a convenient and safe life


Nowadays, as the improvement of the living standards, the people started to care more for the requirements to the quality and the safety of our lives. E.g. we would like to have more convenient and faster ways to pay for our purchases. The travellers want to take more comfortable vehicles and have well-suited payment methods to book hotels and arrange their schedules.

Fdata, as a solution developer of the fintech, our development team provides you the most reliable solutions to meet your projects. Fdata F803 facial recognition terminal was developed and based on Android system. It’s made of quad core 1.8GHz, RAM 2GB and ROM 8GB, 8 ich LCD screen, industrial grade binocular cameras with the actual time detection technology, security and reliable. It supports fingerprint identification, reads ID cards, IC cards and scans QR codes features etc. The device is able to recognize the facial in one second and save more than 20,000 facial images, quick and efficient.

According to a variety of application requirements, it’s applied to add different functions and used for the payment in supermarket and the entrance guard systems in the apartment, residence, business center locations etc. Fdata facial recognition terminal improves our security and living standards.

Fdata Company is local at Longhua, Shenzhen. We offer customized ODM solutions for the fintech, including smart payment, mobile payment, fiscal/tax control, logistics(express), ticketing, lottery and gaming machine, cash register, smart home, smart transportation system, financial innovation and cloud computing scopes etc.