The farmer's market to buy food, the wise you seen better built than the American intelligence cashier said it _ intelligence scale

by:Fdata     2020-07-26
The farmer's market as basket, directly responsible citizens, and is linked to our life. In recent years, with the improving of the level of city development, farmers' market instead of our impressions and dirty, disorderly and poor together. The farmer's market as the people's livelihood project, the national government and consumers are aware of the farmer's market is when it's time to make a change. In such circumstances, the farmer's wisdom arises at the historic moment. In the farmer's market intelligence, in the construction of electronic cashier said that as the wisdom of the farmer's core products, has played a very key role, such as: product weighing, commodity trading, food traceability, data acquisition, and many other functions. Today I'd like you to build the science and technology which owns many new intelligent wisdom function cashier said 1, commodity management, built-in android 5. 5 system and professional management system and the intelligent cashier scale can real-time on the screen for food management and vegetables, and you can also through the mobile terminal linkage operation, after selling vegetables don't have to worry about selling the wrong price. + 2, payment management, multiple channels speech support cash, bank CARDS, membership CARDS, WeChat, pay treasure to pay for a variety of ways. At the same time, the built-in qr code checkout scanners, realize intelligent cashier, from the change. 3, order management, don't have to take a day after the charge to an account not only the users can be in building the cashier scales directly through history trade order data and order details, also can see the history of revenue statistics and sales sheet is tasted, can say a platform scale is quite so a housekeeper of charge to an account! 4, data acquisition and trace function, merchants sell sincerity, cashier said consumers buy felt relieved by intelligence, can achieve every order data, product data, test data and trace data information acquisition, and uploaded to the intelligent management system for centralized management and analysis, provide the important reference basis for the farmer's market big data management. At the same time, consumers also can print receipts for goods back, check the goods origin and testing information, make consumers buy felt relieved, eat at ease. Build the cashier says there is more wisdom, of course, did not unlock the function of the waiting for us to find, but just these function is enough to make the farmer's market intelligence construction can really fell to the ground. We hope that the future soon, the farmer's market merchants can use on the cashier said the true wisdom of intelligence.
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