The fifth conference meals service industry development in jiangsu 丨 face recognition wisdom dining tables, le buffet weighing software and hardware

by:Fdata     2020-08-14
The fifth conference meals service industry development in jiangsu province with wisdom group meal brand as the theme, gathered in the domestic food industry outstanding enterprises, industry experts and scholars, surrounding the mass of the supply chain control, the wisdom of the canteen meals category on topics such as in-depth discussions. Intelligent technology co. , LTD. Nanjing calf is very honored to be invited to participate in this exhibition, and shows the cow face recognition wisdom tables, enjoyed buffet weighing software and hardware, happy cows' machine and a series of products. Group meal industry development conference invited at the same time the national popular restaurant, group meals, canteen, group meals companies such as student meal, head of the central kitchen, head of product development, catering, head of the supply chain, food production enterprises, eat food material and equipment supply enterprises, the local group meal, head of the industry organization and group CanYe related experts and scholars to come out. Mass of food industry is the industry recognized as the last piece of blue ocean of catering sector. Among them, the group meal information is considered to be the important factors which restrict the development of the mass of food industry. Nanjing Dallas as a pioneer leading group meal intelligent upgrade in terms of group meal information has its own unique insights. Wisdom first nanjing calf canteen system provides a powerful data support for canteen management. Data, is a prerequisite for the scientific decision making, in the past of the dining room management, informationization level is low, because there is no standardized data management, lead to the traditional canteen basic data analysis ability is poor. Such as equipment eat, past experience in equipment eat, sometimes for much more likely to cause waste. Sometimes seems less likely to cause a diner starving, user experience and the cost control is not precise. Second, the application of nanjing Dallas wisdom canteen system can help dining room to improve the overall operating ability. Dinner by enhancing user satisfaction, we can make the user more canteen, bring more traffic, more consumption. Through brush face repast, can realize user non-inductive billing, smart take food, alleviate queue times take food. Regulation through food science, not only to feed the user can also allow the user to eat healthy, eat at ease. Through scientific wisdom canteen management of canteen, can the authors effect, reduce the dining room the human cost, operation cost greatly reduced the canteen. Again, through nanjing mavericks wisdom makes Internet canteen, canteen system helps to improve user experience, strengthen the dining room to interact with users, help the canteen service optimization and quality improvement. Wisdom canteen system at present, nanjing calf as group meal informationization leading brand, will, as always, dig the canteen scenario, the user and the canteen satisfaction as the direction of the unremitting struggle, strive for the construction of informatization, digitalization and intellectualization of socialism new dining room, for the majority of the people to build a high-tech, intelligent, nutrition and health to the user as the center of modern dining room to make due contributions.
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