The future of the contactless smart self-service terminal market?

by:Fdata     2020-05-16
Since the outbreak of the great influence, now we said the most words in daily life, the most favorite way is out of contact, such as non-contact measuring temperature distribution, no contact, no contact with the cashier to pay, no order, no contact take tickets to take card, contactless visiting registration, etc. As the Volkswagen group for public health awareness of the growing demand, intelligent equipment fabrication technology think more when no contact with the service mode of application will be more and more public places, is accepted by more people. Such as some of the platform for merchants page added comfortable restaurant logo, record disinfection, health information, such as temperature measurement, after the kitchen environment factors to join the inspection, strengthen epidemic protection with merchants, as well as on a reassurance to consumers. Promoting contactless services, not just in restaurants, and hotels. Recently in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chongqing and other cities on business travel friends can be found that a lot of chain hotels are placed in the hotel lobby when rich provide self-service check-in terminal equipment and hardware support at the front desk check-in and check-out of guests can find a place through the hotel lobby self-service check-in terminal check-in and check-out procedure itself, the whole process is less than two minutes. With the improvement of domestic epidemic situation, no contact services also used in the more scenic area management. After the visitors to buy a ticket online, no paper ticket, through the scenic area of face recognition gate channel to brush a face, brush your face will check certification at the same time, the synchronization, when provide hardware support to enter the scenic area after facial recognition to measure body temperature. Tourists said the contactless way, the quality of tourist experience even more secure. Is the most widely entity supermarket promoting contactless weighing at sale and contactless self-help cashier. Fruits and vegetables in the supermarket fresh items such as in the past are special weighing at sale platform for artificial operation, are introduced to provide hardware support, self-help when weighing cashier at sale equipment, this kind of goods customers can diy complete weighing at sale work, more people are willing to pay the cashier select self-service checkout self-service equipment, reduce the waiting time, avoid artificial cashier in contact, as long as their own isolated tissue start self-service register under the screen, you can scan products, sweep through code brush or face complete checkout. ( Recent WeChat brush face pay official platform also have a lot of preferential measures, you can try to brush a face pay discount to pay) No contact with the implementation of the self-service pattern is not to say that from now on can be completely eliminated artificial service, with the development of the society and people's living standard, the change of quality of life and the life demand, artificial service should prefer to intelligent devices can replace more detail, to optimize the emotional service measures.
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