The guest as intelligent cashier management system system four big break traditional spot!

by:Fdata     2020-06-17
What is cashier management system? What does for store operation management? Cashier management system which good? These are companies in operation often are faced with the problem. Cashier management system in the service of store daily management, power outlets scientific management and realize the authors work. 1, the traditional four (scientific cashier cashier management system management system can help the food companies to improve service quality, working efficiency, grasp the consumer information, timely coordinate processing out of stock situation and help the boss business decisions. While traditional cashier management system mainly exist the following four big pain points: a, function and demand do not match; Second, software functions and the lack of depth; Three, implementation and service operations complex; Four, software vendors to understand food companies. 2, the guest as intelligent system help authors to effect the guest can provide cover for businesses like a cloud point meal, cashier, booking, queuing, take-away, report, kitchen management, and other food consumption after the whole process of productivity tools, break the data islands, for all kinds of merchant's business development at lower cost, higher efficiency, more likely. The guest through the way of software and hardware combined with the cloud, like a cloud data real-time processing, real-time view data report, multiterminal synchronous operation, the Mobile end boss real-time accurate data presentation, also supports asynchronous founding order, effectively avoid the temporary network swings merchants business. Merchants can choose to use guest as hardware and software products, help their enterprises to reduce costs, improve efficiency, improving consumer experience, such as the order queue line, can significantly improve restaurant operation efficiency and rate of turn table; Income spending bills online settlement, can speed up the turnover of funds flow; Marketing and analysis tools, to help accelerates the development of food industry upgrade; Seamless docking suppliers, supply chain cost of precise control, put an end to waste. In addition, the guest as intelligent system can also achieve seamless docking hungry, Meituan take-away and other mainstream delivery platform, meet the list automatically. Just use a machine, will be able to achieve docking multiple delivery platform, at the same time avoid order rush hour because of the service personnel busy leakage phenomenon such as single, wrong. In respect of hardware, the guest as product advantage is quite prominent, including this year's newly listed onKiosk Tower vertical self-service register, On KDS 2 + 2 KDS OS kitchen display system, instrument panel On the Dashboard headquarters, onPOS 2 c, 2 c onPOS mini intelligent cashier machine intelligence, 2 smart cash registers, hongyun hongyun cashier machine intelligent cash register (2 w Retail version) , 2 f (hongyun, Including the camera) Smart cash registers, eight hardware products, each has its own characteristics, greatly enriched the merchant's choice. Guest appearance as hardware technology design keeps the position of the industry benchmark, USES the handle more evenly on the surface of the spraying process, the glossiness is higher, the surface adopted 4 - 5 kinds of complicated composite process, to ensure no matter under what kind of scene appearance can luster for a long time. In terms of quality control, for a long time, as is in accordance with the standards of industry is very strict. Clouds of self-control, from purchasing, production to the PVT do DVT of each link are industry recognized standards. Never compromise on quality and material, the quality control standard, delays in the environment, drop, vibration, shock, high temperature aging, life of keystrokes and so on are the pioneer of the industry. 3, function more accurate On OS 10 a good set of software system must need good hardware, software function of maximum efficiently to provide products or services. Since guest as launch in 2015, the software system On the OS has been updated iteration five versions, last year's published On OS 9 On collectivization and mobile, also made some layout in the industry to expand, while just unveiled On OS 10 in last year's system On the basis of the ascension, again this is industry solutions and the private domain flow depth solution. The guest as a cloud is released industry solution depth, because found the food and beverage segment of the formats of classification is very much, different formats have different forms of services, the details of the different formats on the service is greatly different, tea drinks, western food, hot pot has its own characteristics. Is facing a lot of so-called system in industry border depth is not enough, not enough professional, can't meet the demand of the refinement of merchants to use. We have learned, at present also friends on market in the layout of the so-called industry gradually version, but the version for a format, usually in a local do some in-depth. But the guest as think it is far from enough, because in addition to the cashier interface is different, different industry marketing, supply chain, demands on the data analysis. Only the depth of the multi-dimensional can really match industry needs. A lot has been done based on this, the guest as a cloud service refactoring, introduced a PaaS platform, and then based on the PaaS tear open outfit, combination, in order to provide different formats and the depth of local details, do China's thorough, the front-end application can free disassembly assembly, according to the different demands of formats combination a custom interface, to adapt to the marketing, supply chain, the demand of management in detail. Up to now, the guest as subsoil SaaS technology has been 7 years, mainly for catering and retail merchants and beauty industry services, to provide overall solutions, software and hardware of SaaS covers meals, fast food, baking, convenience stores, tea drinks, food and so on a variety of formats, to provide different solutions to meet business needs, set up shop is absolutely bosses of choice. Such a good product, don't miss!
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