The guest as intelligent management system, power merchants authors, efficiency and income!

by:Fdata     2020-06-17
As the depth of mining and refining, demand for business guest, as found for B side catering businesses, all the core requirements of unification of the end of it is that authors, efficiency and income. For food companies, the authors advocate is the icing on the cake,, get twice the result with half the effort effect income is urgently needed. Not clear these points, the starting point of the product is going to have a problem. 1, the authors advocate the so-called authors, that is, to reduce costs. For catering people, labor costs, food costs, high cost of rent, has always been a hard time snag. Simply speaking, is the restaurant in both people and objects of cost is too high. People refer to recruitment, erosion, training and management. Mainly refers to the supply chain, is closely related to the cost of ingredients. To help businesses to reduce costs, the guest as open platform to connect the catering upstream and downstream resources, help guest, efficient management of stores catering business easily. In terms of people, the guest as a cloud knows that food and beverage industry is faced with the phenomenon of recruitment, management, service through an open platform, can effectively integrate personnel management platform, to help service industries such as catering, retail, beauty industry business quickly implement recruitment, training, scheduling and pay one-stop management. And the guest as open platform docking for recruiting and training institutions, positioning the faithful practitioner of the industry, ensure the stability of the enterprise personnel. In terms of content, the guest as open platform to optimize the information flow, logistics, business flow, cash flow. Digital information flow, supply chain network, and the application of gruen ASN and GRN contributed to more terminal communication; Logistics, ascending order fill rate, improve logistics network, optimize the internal and external storage. 2 / effect, effect of the so-called the efficiency. After the authors, we can do is to improve efficiency. The efficiency can be divided into external and internal management efficiency of business processing efficiency. The internal management, generally speaking is the process of examination and approval, financial management of these; External business, generally speaking is customer management. Promote efficiency, it is another way to reduce costs. As a person, through the use of tools, a day two days to complete the original work, that is to reduce the cost of half. Specific to the catering industry: past patterns are, for the traditional restaurant dishes and drinks need to be operated by restaurant staff, through the waiter order, order, a single to send food and drinks on the table, then the consumer to settle at the checkout counter, overall process time-consuming, not only the efficiency slow, customers dining experience will greatly weakened. The guest like a cloud system can help greatly improve the efficiency of business intelligence. Guest as subsoil catering SaaS technology has seven years, is committed to service industries, including retail, catering, beauty industry businesses, providing overall solutions, software and hardware of SaaS comprehensive integration from reservation, queuing, order, cashier, delivery, management the whole process, such as multi-channel service members, through the guest as the basis of simple and easy to use efficiency tools, perfect to help merchants authors effect, efficient management and business outlets. It is worth mentioning that in order to better help catering businesses realize the authors effect, increase their income, the guest as joint restaurant boss also made jointly issued the 2019 China catering operation parameters of the blue book, are analyzed in detail in the book the restaurant industry revenue parameters parameters, cost and profit, and gives the concrete countermeasures and some successful business case for your reference. Food is also interested in buying this book, for reference. 3, increase income, that is, increase revenue, this can not only refers to the visible increase in turnover, the actual can also refer to the increase of the intangible assets, such as user source. How to increase? The most commonly used method has two kinds: one is to increase sales, increase the turnover; Second, through capital operation, such as financing, strategic cooperation, resource sharing, etc. Method is had, but for many small and medium-sized enterprises, they are more lack of channels, the guest would be like a cloud of merchants set up channel. First of all, the guest as a special Marketing Department, can provide customized marketing solutions for restaurants, to develop customers, increase their income. Is a typical example, in order to help promote recognition in the local of PiaoDaShu barbecue restaurant and attract more customers, the guest as Marketing Department in understanding the basic situation of the restaurant and brand positioning, put forward the publicity and drainage, word of mouth, member of the marketing plan, in a gradual way set up the brand image of PiaoDaShu barbecue restaurant, on the basis of not divorced from brand set, with the help of a current hot for publicity, marketing with new and interesting way to attract more young consumers. After using this solution, PiaoDaShu barbecue restaurant attendance increased by 2144%, monthly turnover exceeds 170000. Second, the guest as member management system can help businessmen accumulation of user data, analysis the user purchases and thus activate the old customers after purchase. Guest as, for example, member management system based on consumption, in order to establish the rich merchants, according to the label at their disposal to do dynamic portraits of customers, and provide solution of each application layer based on portrait. After a customer portrait, the businessman can be targeted marketing to specific people.
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