The hairdresser cashier system software, use of integral function to keep the customer to shop!

by:Fdata     2020-04-27
Traditional parlor when using cashier system software, stores in formulating the loyalty points system, sometimes think, member top-up award points, consumer does not give points, want to quickly drained by the way, members produce consumption, score, the logic of this is normal, the members should get the corresponding points. So, how to use the hairdresser cashier system software integration function to keep the customers to the store? Loyalty points in hairdressing store cashier system software is an effective marketing tool for businesses to retain customers, using integral to stimulate customers to consumption, businessmen through the integral system, closer with the relationship between members, members formed the viscous consumption, become the loyal customers. Hairdressing store cashier system software, WeChat membership power merchants set up the digital management system, realize members after purchase and marketing. Fans of points for goods, increased viscosity, to store more active fans, consumption. Simple and convenient integral query and management, can achieve without phsical CARDS, cell phone mobile integration management system. Hairdressing store cashier system software function to keep the customers how to use integral to the shop? Select aggressive advocate cashier system software, stores can use members integral to do marketing, not only can let the members have a better consumer experience, more competition in the industry bring yourself stronger competitiveness. Stores can also custom edit points using rules, what products or services integral to, now available which products or services can be integral to now, can also be true for the individual points, breaking the traditional integral useless! Compared to other salons cashier system software, aggressive advocate cashier system software can not only set custom access and use of integral rules, you can also use integral second into the store to attract customers, so as to achieve the purpose of the members will be divided into. For merchants to members of integral function, the hairdresser cashier system software of the integral function are integral change, prepaid phone send integral, consumer award points and other activities.
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