The independent source deployment (brush face payment systems OEM)

by:Fdata     2020-08-08
With the development of science and technology, face recognition is gradually applied to various fields, face recognition is the identification of * new biotechnology, and will the fingerprint technology is more convenient and safe than before, application field and more widely. A lot of people don't know how to start, they also want to grab your dream in the brush face payment, but because of the congestion information source, lead to miss such a good price, how it is a pity, now, the opportunity came, we specialized in the development of professional operation brush face to pay the service system, can let you in a very short period of time, deploy your management system. Source independent deployment is OEM, the biggest difference is with SaaS agents can completely out of the service system, and according to the need to custom development capabilities, as well as access to the fourth party payment platform, in other words, etc and independent service provider. Brush face pay industry bring? In 2019 as a brush face to pay the first year, will bring a big shock to pay market, we talk about understanding from several aspects: 1, isvs and agents such as isvs and agents have their own development and aggregation team, will become the main driver of market, according to the promotion policies in a timely manner to adjust direction of alipay, actively promote agent, and invested in human studies how polymer brush face, face will not be a single brush, brush must be face and polymerization products of mobile payment, after polymerization customers to use the system in the hands of isvs and agents, has a complete customer information and have the market initiative. 2, the Internet Internet companies do brush face pay more easily, because itself has a strong development team have in-depth research in the field of AI, the key is understanding of payment of logic. So for the Internet company would pay products, self-developed brush face but, with the idea of Internet company asset light input device is not necessarily is a necessary choice, may find traditional single institutions joint promotion, or testing the waters, the main possible to try to give priority to.
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