The ministry requires phone card for face recognition, face brush for us - — So close!

by:Fdata     2020-06-01
Using face recognition technology for mobile phone CARDS, mainly to the mobile phone users real-name system, prevent the user from unwittingly be pseudonymous open card, safeguard the rights and interests of users, but also effectively reduce telecom fraud, waste harassing phone calls, speculation and so on. According to the national ministry of industry regulation, since December 1, 2019, telecom operators to realize face recognition in all channels, the use of facial recognition authentication system for users to open access card formalities. When someone worry about brush face when payment is safe, in government affairs, work attendance, entrance guard, station security, bank withdrawals, restaurant shop scene began using facial recognition technology. Face recognition rapid popularization in few years? Back in 2014, the recognition accuracy of face recognition technology for the first time more than the face. From then on, face recognition of collection, storage, precision, use and the improvement of comprehensive safety regulation has been given. Recently, the national beacon biometric identification technology committee, special working group established the facial recognition technology of national standard, to regulate the application of face recognition and industry specifications. Face recognition compared with other identification method, has the non-contact, fast speed, and the advantages of simple operation. With the mature of face recognition technology, based on the function of the human face recognition technology and development, can develop more application scenario. Brush a face, for example, payment and self-service checkout, can be used in a high traffic big shops and shop. Brush face pay self-help cashier, can solve the current business super retail cashier low efficiency and high cost of facial pain points, the red flag, a supermarket chain using a brush face after payment function of self-help cash register, cashier efficiency increased by more than 50%, reduce customer because of the condition of the line is too long to give up shopping. In addition, in the past 2 traditional checkout, can now put four self-help cash register, cashier space can be reduced by 200%, increase the cargo space. Face recognition technology, the customers don't have to take a card or self-reported a phone number, brush directly face can identify whether the member ( Face information through alipay dragonfly brush face a cash register alipay background recognition, not afraid of information) , traffic, commodity and members, such as sales data exchange, allowing retailers to operate a more comprehensive data basis in a timely manner. Again, for example, such as face recognition combined with id and social security card national identity recognition, you can use the credit lending, bank withdrawals, pay cost in hospital, pharmacy to buy medicine, the station can use facial recognition authentication system, for identity verification. Sichuan university, west China second hospital USES facial recognition devices, realize the brush handle card face registered, in pursuance of identity verification and part of the department office entrance guard, etc. Sky-wave support for face recognition, face recognition equipment matching fingerprint recognition, id card and GPS positioning function. Business to deal with the scene in the bank, China construction bank has been applied to 100000 sets an ATM facial recognition technology, by connecting the public security organ and third-party investigation agencies, intelligent brush face withdrawals, prevent bank card stolen loss caused by risk of falsely. On a loan process, also can pass the face recognition database, the user is identity verification, such as risk judgment, 7 seconds can make authorization for examination and approval, the fastest to realize intelligent pratt & finance.
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