The national appeared the first 4 wisdom. 0 a farmers' market, build the science and technology to sell food, buy food more confident _ intelligence scale

by:Fdata     2020-06-06
Business license and generous appearance, weighing electronic screen instantly shows when each item of the goods, unit price and billing, network scan code to pay, then consumers can also take small notes he left the market to buy food, also like the supermarket, the new experience in the east gate of jiangxi province pingxiang Simon, a farmers' market. Referred to the farmer's market, up to the government leadership, down to ordinary citizens, are closely related. Shortly before the jiangxi provincial party committee secretary liu qi to auspicious wisdom, a farmers' market investigation the livelihood of the people! The government attaches great importance to this. Pingxiang wisdom market project launched by building the science and technology, with middle group of group of pingxiang branch farmers farmers market is given priority to, and a number of units to participate in industrial and commercial bank, telecom, realize farmers' system, visual information display and wisdom hardware, food traceability, online operation, chain blocks, such as system integration, cross-platform changed the previous wisdom construction market mainly by the government of a single model. Pingxiang Simon east gate, the farmer's market is called the first wisdom farmers' 4. 0, mainly lies in the fact that it is not so a simple market transformation and hardware installation, but according to the regulation, market square, merchants and consumers four-terminal requirements in terms of actual business combination, to build a wisdom farmers' comprehensive service platform. Middle of pingxiang controller introduces, the farmers' wisdom middle service platform data including: regulators end, end group center, market square end and merchants, and front-end data include the consumer end. The management platform will merchants, booth management, order management, food management, food management, food traceability management and a series of data and information integrated management operations and statistical analysis. At the same time, also self-built electricity system, through online and offline business, finally realizes the wise farmer's ecological system. Dongmen, Simon at the entrance to market, has a large visual screen, comprehensive traceability information display all kinds of vegetables, meat, and all kinds of consumer information. Market each merchants unified equipped with electronic scales, including data, receipt printers, pos machine and sweep yards pay hardware, to ensure that each trade big data processing center into the background. Build the online operation to realize online home scene, to the shop to the scene, and so on. Buy, sell all process data can be collected, through the analysis of what kind of food do you like, like what time to buy food, how about the price, we all know, can according to need to replenish onr's stock, shop goods. Merchants praise on intelligence operations. Consumers are satisfied, the electronic scale was good and product unit price and the weight showed clearly, province asked to ask to go and buy with confidence. A resident said cheerfully. It is understood that the farms will also further perfect wisdom, to build the science and technology intelligence market phase ii will be realize the latest technology such as artificial intelligence, chain blocks, from artificial regulation to regulatory changes, digital games implementation capacity and, three white, license management, and the wisdom of food traceability and other content regulation; People, government and enterprises to achieve a farmers' market market regulation of handheld law enforcement and so on, eventually lead to higher quality of life for consumers.
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