The new trend of development of the non-inductive pay what?

by:Fdata     2020-05-30
Recently, pay treasure and WeChat latest developments, as well as the a-share market non-inductive pay concept is on the rise, make A lot of laps inside and outside the people began to pay attention to non-inductive. Through setting non-inductive in high-speed toll payment, than the original big savings vehicles through time. Not only full of the feeling of science and technology, the user experience will be promoted. So in addition to the application of non-inductive pay in many fields has a different application. Have also brought their new development trend. 1, the parking lot: wisdom parking of motor vehicles in our country's explosive growth, parking has become a common city disease. Could you go out to dinner with friends and eat a meal time is only half an hour, but it took more than half an hour to find a parking space, this kind of situation in a big city downtown area are common. But as sensors, big data, cloud computing, such as the rapid development, at present, also took to the intelligent parking path, avoid a lot of such an embarrassing situation. A large number of indoor parking lot at present, for example, Shanghai is no longer need artificial charges, recognition of license plate automatic deduction; And hangzhou, even the roadside parking has become a reality. 2, hospital: wisdom medical except for parking, modern medical care is also facing a big challenge, is also a mobile payment has been in the tread. Through the combination of online data through barriers, medical wisdom arises at the historic moment. At present, such as pay treasure medical wisdom, not only can provide patients with alipay registration, waiting to remind, such as smart services, patients can also through the pay treasure to pay health care costs, and received the report. At the same time, some hospital support pay treasure to navigation, easily solved the problem of the service process is not effectively guide. 3, bank: brush face a withdrawal in the reign of the era of the mobile payment is increasingly not wallet has become a common thing. When we want to go to a bank deposit and withdrawal, and what should I do? In this respect, you don't take cellphones don't have to worry about. At present, China merchants bank, agricultural bank of China construction bank, bank of jiangsu and can brush directly withdraw in the face. In the process, not only don't need id card, also don't need a bank card, as long as according to clew, money will spit it out. And many industry insiders said, compared different methods of traditional, brush face payment security is higher, the future will be extended to more outlets. 4, the supermarket: no one supermarket today, new retail concept is popular, whether it is a no one supermarket, convenience store, or the vending machine, let many investors welcome. From amazon amazon last year go to ali for coffee, a growing number of incoming players constantly ripening with no retail, also for different consumer shopping experience. Into the store after the selected items, the settlement area, the electronic equipment will automatic identification was carried out on the goods, the customer need to brush a face complete payment can carry the things. At present, so no one supermarket has more rise across the country, with novelty attracted many customers visit. However, this kind of new retail operation mode is not mature, remains to be further development technology promotion and strengthening management. As more and more intelligent scene into their lives, we will usher in a new era of intelligence. We can merchants to provide a full range of guidance services and technology solutions.
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