The new world FR20 stationary barcode scanner application characteristics and innovation

by:Fdata     2020-08-04
Automatic identification technology in the us presents a wide variety of applications, including the new FR20 stationary barcode scanning platform in the business application of super has natural advantages and characteristics. Under the vision of ( RAKINDA) By simply introduce it, to understand its characteristic and application. The characteristics of FR20 stationary scanning platform 1. Screen recognition: adopted the self-developed UIMG technology, can quickly identify all kinds of large amount of data screen barcode sticker, this is it can application in business super, and scan code user payment code. 2. Big recognition window: with the advantages of large Windows, it can be a wider recognition of qr codes in the big screen mobile phone, the clerk don't need to pick it up to identify the barcode. 3. Green: low power consumption using NLDC technology, reduce the power consumption of the equipment, prolong the service life of equipment. 4. Fill light scattering type: to simulate natural light, the light is downy, uniform illumination, brightness contrast is narrow, can quickly read low brightness of screen bar code. 5. Rapid induction: in standby mode, when the scanned object near the scan window, equipment start immediately and a quick read. Stationary scanning platform application scenarios: barcode pay, group-buying authentication and so on. The development of automatic identification technology brought convenience to our life, because of innovation is convenient, the new world fr20 also in developing innovation.
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