The next 'pay' ground points? Brush face pay subsidies to open war

by:Fdata     2020-06-22
Recently when we take out the mobile payment, payment will often be reminded to choose brush face is preferential. At present, pay treasure in increasing investment and WeChat pay subsidies paid brush face. At the same time, on the 6th world conference on the Internet, brush unionpay pay new intelligent products face to pay, pay market officially enter the brush face. So, brush face will become the next payment war ground points? Qr code to pay towards unification in recent years, gradually form of mobile payment technology grows, from code to fingerprint payment, to the more recent brush fire up the face. Certainly does not reflect the alipay, WeChat payments and traditional bank battle between users. Central Banks in the financial development of science and technology plan ( 2019 - 2021) 'Clearly put forward: to promote barcode pay interconnectivity, study and formulate the barcode for the connectivity technology standard, unified pay barcode encoding rules, build a barcode for the connectivity technology system, through the barcode payment services barriers, implement different App and merchant bar code identification recognition. Brush face pay subsidies war opened in April this year, pay treasure to pay division general manager zhong yao had to outside says it will invest 3 billion brush face pay subsidies. Recently, the alipay announced that will be 3 billion yuan market brush face unlimited subsidies paid to inputs. WeChat payment though not publicly disclose the details of the subsidies, but the personage inside course of study says, WeChat subsidies has amounted to billions. As well as the normal support policy, mainly combined with frequency of pay to brush brush face face payment providers offer certain subsidy awards, marketing activities include random set for ordinary users, reduce, weekly WeChat such full cut. Security is don't go around camp learned, brush face pay principle is the hardware terminal face information were collected and the cloud server compare the stored information, namely 1: N, determine whether information is consistent, then authenticate to complete human face. The personage inside course of study thinks brush face pay higher costs, it is difficult to shop around like qr code to pay all sorts of life. Because, for brush face pay, can promote the solution of the problem is the key to safety. How to ensure that the hardware terminal side to collect personal information and payment information security, and the cloud server how to prevent information leakage, these are the problems to be solved. To this, the central bank slurry sampling li wei, director of the said facial recognition to pay offline application relatively controllable risk, basic have pilot application requirement. But face belongs to the weak privacy biometric information risk of misuse is larger. Face recognition data collection should be informed in advance to use information, clear authorization, the customer should fully respect the user's subjective will, not in the case of user knowledge, unauthorized launch trading without authorization, don't simply will face feature as the only transaction security factors. For consumers, of course, mobile payments caused by security problems also nots allow to ignore, because facial information leakage is a hassle. So, such as changing face APPZAO AI change will face video decoding brush face to pay? , pay treasure to say: at present, various online in face of the software has a lot of, but no matter how realistic, change of is unable to break through the brush face pay it. Brush face pay is the 3 d facial recognition technology, in the face recognition, also can through the combination of software and hardware for testing, to determine whether to face photos, video or software simulation generated, can effectively avoid all kinds of face forged identity theft case. In addition, in the face recognition, some users need to input and check account binding mobile phone number, to further improve the security. In addition, the scientific and technological development of the financial planning ( 2019 - 2021) Also suggested: explore the offline payment security applications, face recognition using password identification, privacy, calculation, data labels, such as pattern recognition technology, using special password, non-inductive living detection for trading, breakthrough 1: N pay face recognition application performance bottlenecks, built by a licensed financial institutions to face feature for routing identification through liquidation mode, realize the unity of safe and convenient payment tool.
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