The payment industry has brought new opportunities and challenges, pay three giant led industry change!

by:Fdata     2020-08-05
Physical currency trading, from the following several years ago, to the European and American popular consumption, to lead the innovation of mobile payment, until the brush of today's popular face to pay, pay the medium changes to pay today has brought new opportunities and challenges. Brush face, change is not only a payment, is a leading science and technology, finance and other industries in the development of the catalyst. Over the past few years, axis is to promote the development of science and technology and pay phone. But brush face the arrival of the era, let the world axis from mobile intelligent terminals, such as once again return to the people themselves. Ali, tencent, unionpay a scramble among the big three layout, its significance is to brush a face can be truly realized user level from the endless, let not manipulative cell phone people become a new increment of mobile payment. Internet applications highly popular, sinking become the consensus of many industry giants. Brush a face not only can bring mobile payment users of the new delta, near non-inductive convenient payment experience will also become one of the cult's best approaches to promote the competitiveness of the products. Brush brush face pay non-inductive, non-inductive car payments, efficient and convenient non-inductive experience become expand audience and pay another key scenes. From a business perspective, brush face pays is to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency. From the perspective of the use of stores, brush face to pay the cashier efficiency more than 60%, reduce the peak time of queuing situation, will be great help for improving operation efficiency.
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