The People's Bank of China issued by the new file, brush face pay and equipment advantages?

by:Fdata     2020-08-11
Recently, the People's Bank of China no. 209 document issued the financial technology ( FinTech) The development plan ( 2019 - 2021) ', the direction of the guidance for the next three years financial work of science and technology, the file points out that the breakthrough 1: N pay face recognition application performance bottlenecks, by a licensed financial institution building to face feature for routing identification through liquidation mode, realize the unity of safe and convenient payment tool. What does it mean? Central bank has a clear attitude, brush face pay support, popularized brush face pay has risen to national financial strategy! The next three years, brush face sweep is expected to replace code payment, become a new era of people daily life use the highest frequency of payment. Brush face payment is a payment based on the technology of face recognition equipment. 2019, WeChat, pay treasure to giant lead, brush face pay huge subsidies to promote, mobile payment market, in October, brush unionpay with following face to pay admission. In this year, with promote, the experience of real gold and silver registered subsidies, completed the people brush face pay cognition of primary education. Brush face pay have what advantage? For businesses, the cashier is around no one operation cycle of the past. Brush face pay for equipment use can lead to significant effect is first, to promote the efficiency of the cashier. Brush face verification time can complete in 1 to 3 seconds, compared with traditional way of cashier, consumers can shorten at least 50% of the time of payment. Second, brush face pay is as a kind of independent shopping tools, can effectively the human liberation, thus reducing merchants boss's labor costs. WeChat, pay treasure to attract consumers to use brush face pay, cultivate consumers face brush pay trading habits, the upfront costs a large amount of subsidies. Brush face pay can enjoy free, consumers get preferential at the same time, also help talk to merchant drainage, increase customer stickiness.
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