The pos industry development prospect analysis _ single pos

by:Fdata     2020-06-09
Recently saw a lot of articles about mobile payment, there's little doubt that mobile payment is a big trend, also is at present popular words. But today we don't talk about mobile payment tool, but do you know about the knowledge of the pos machine. A lot of friend said entered the era of mobile payment, also about the POS? Want to know the development of cash in 300, the development of the bank card used for 50 years, the network payment for 10 years, the mobile payment only for three years, assuming the POS in the near future will die, but, there is reasonable, in the present stage, and even a longer period of time, the POS still not be replaced. Although is mobile payment age coming, each big giants such as alipay, WeChat pays, jingdong offensive launched in succession, such as the beacon for mobile payment. But when we looked around, to shopping centers, shopping malls, small to convenience stores, community shop, small black boxes are still sits on the cash register, there are still many consumers take the initiative to require the use of pos machines, brush calorie of consumption. The so-called steady wave after the Yangtze river, before the wave died on the beach, but on the beaches of POS machine is not dead, why is the era of mobile payment, the merchants of streets are still using POS machine? Mainly has the following points: one, businesses and consumers haven't break the habit of thinking; Second, the merchant accumulated many years of POS receive a single system, formed a large amount of data, in the short term is not willing to give up POS machine using mobile payment; Third, security issues. Perfect security system, POS system and the safety of mobile payment system is still in its infancy; Four, potential market of mobile POS machine is an infinite data, and compared with remote payment not inferior. Because of the formation of a market consumption habit, it is going through a very long time to accumulate to form, Rome is not build in a day, pay a revolutionary reform is also need a process. Can be seen from the history of the POS payment habits change, credit card payment never be trusted to slowly being accepted. POS changed a payment habit, also make businesses realize the informationization management. After 20 years of development, POS machine technology has matured, POS machine can solve the fundamental problem is the promptness of consumers and businesses, both to provide standardized services to businesses, also let consumer experience is much better than before consumption of charge to an account. Twenty years of development, is the merchant's POS system has formed a system, even if the mobile payment, businesses can't easily give up their own business for many years the POS system and use the new payment. So often see scenario is the businessman on the counter WeChat pay or pay treasure, such as a sign of mobile payment, at the same time with a lot of POS. Moreover, POS machine relative to the mobile payment is safer, because the POS and bank cooperation, Banks have been mature digital certification system and other security authentication system. So, even in the development of mobile payment in full today, for many credit card gens and entrepreneurs, POS machine is always cannot replace a payment method.
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