The pursuit of food safety, for a better life yearning 丨 Christmas canteen and wisdom!

by:Fdata     2020-07-23
Annual Christmas again, although before also didn't feel anything, but now I feel everything changed! Time has changed, the place has changed, people also changed. No matter how the world changes, Christmas please a bit better to oneself! Because, we are, indeed, a little older! Time fleeting, time and tide wait for no man! Remember it is not very care about Christmas, literally a lead. Now Christmas if not good enough, but there is always a kind of inexplicable loss! At that time, I was in distress, for choosing a college campus in the classroom every day, canteen, dormitory, three point one line, a little boring. At that time, the canteen is archives mouths fast food, every time lines, sometimes forgotten my head heavy meal card, and also to row, sometimes the meal card can't brush card, still have to trouble students generation of brush, now although this way is not very good, but all memories is beautiful. No comparison, no damage. Now the dining room to have the wisdom, and had very different. Easy to lose, degaussing, forgot to take my meal card to be being washed out gradually, clearing brush face dining with face can consumption, great dinner going to the user. Long-range order, through the mobile phone APP, WeChat, pay treasure to a variety of ways, such as dining room system, can all be wisdom to a remote centre, and take food the way also is varied, cupboard can take food, can be in wisdom in the archives mouths from self-help meal, still can call canteen service personnel ready ahead of time. Online top-up, freeing the prepaid phone line, and consumption records available at any time, let oneself do know, for their own consumption develop good consumption habits. Everything is changing, without wanting to get too now I become more and more, very reluctant to eat in the canteen before, now very like to eat in the canteen. I think the dining hall is simple, saving, health, quality can be guaranteed, more or less can satisfy the basic needs. Take-away pop, lazy cancer attack, basic take-out food every day, eat for 2 months, feel a lot of fat, and eating take-away again some nausea. Then, slowly understand life of self-discipline. But there are some things, as I have not changed from beginning to end. For example: the pursuit of food safety, the pursuit of health, is yearning for a better life!
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