'The shopkeeper brain' - Cash register online! Gen tracking software can small retailer is efficient operation

by:Fdata     2020-05-24
The current China's retail industry has entered the fast lane of wisdom. For small retailers, how to implement performance by wisdom retail growth, has become an urgent problem to be solved. On March 3, with 15 years of retail industry technology accumulation and trace software officially launched the shopkeeper think cash register, its comprehensive coverage store business, continued to small retailers and efficient management. Shopkeeper think cash register can assign a small retailers, efficient management conference, product and trace software product manager JiNianXiang around the shopkeeper think cash register terminal system, the characteristics of the data synchronization, commodity management, cashier, convenient check, real-time view business data, inventory management, and other features a detailed explanation. As wisdom retail intelligent terminal, the shopkeeper think cash register has the function of traditional finance system, and integration of the cloud computing technology, for the community supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, such as small businesses provide a set of cashier, enters sells saves the management for the integration of integrated solutions. In actual operation, small merchants resources and technical capacity deficiencies such as short board, exposed in the competition management chaos, online information occlusion, lack of customers, such as the precision marketing, pain points, living space by severe challenges. Introduce the shopkeeper think cash register, small businesses can use a cash register at the same time, computer, mobile phone operation, and can be compatible with a variety of external equipment, plug and play. It is not only improving the consumer shopping experience, also can at any time to master from procurement to sales in the process of all kinds of information, and make science enters sells saves the decision through the data analysis, on the one hand, effectively increase operating efficiency, reduce loss, on the one hand, power outlets for customer traffic, to expand marketing channels, the biggest benefit. And, more importantly, with the accumulating data collection capacity and the tracking software to master the more small dimension micro businesses operating analysis, data analysis, insight into the stronger, the operational forecast and decision-making is more precise, so as to realize the retail business management wisdom. Centered on the cash register continuously enrich the shopkeeper think product matrix as the wisdom of the leading retail integrated solutions provider, and trace the software always adhere to technological innovation, dig the user demand, is committed to promoting the development of the innovation of the small retail businesses. Today launched & lsquo; The shopkeeper think tank & rsquo; Cash register, helps small retail merchants mining operation and transaction data, better for merchants to provide diversified products and services, the future market demand is expected to grow rapidly and broad prospects. On the basis of building & lsquo; The shopkeeper think tank & rsquo; Brand, being a good small retail merchants & lsquo; The think tank & rsquo; To provide intelligent soft hard service and marketing strategy & lsquo; Intelligent package & rsquo; , make the business both in the hand also follow, bring brand-new application experience for users. Gen trace software general manager zhu, f. h. Wei said. Today, the Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (ai) techniques such as successive rise and integration development, powerful digital power continues to assigned to the retail industry, and continuously create new technologies, new products, new pattern. The shopkeeper think cash register is the shopkeeper think product matrix of the first core products, is also a trace software layout small retail merchants digital transformation, fu can small retailer is an important step in the efficient management. In fact, the cash register as the core, build the shopkeeper think tank products in the process of ecological system, the formation of consumer-centric members, payment, inventory, service, cross-platform terminal more collaborative linkage, build to hardware products + services + software system of integrated, three-dimensional, intelligent integrated management system, is the top priority and tracking software. In 2020, gen trace software will be integrated use of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence technology and the advanced intelligent terminal equipment, focused on the actual demand of the small retailers, cash register as the core, continuously enrich the shopkeeper think product matrix, further develop and launch WeChat small procedures, member management, marketing management, new products, such as pushing and intelligent service function, and explore to create retail, manufacturing processing, order mall, for the integration of all formats, such as electric business docking solution, continuous fu can retail to the industrialization of industry intelligence, wisdom, cross-border integration, brand high-end transformation and upgrading, the ecological construction of digital economy, serve the society to improve people's livelihood.
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