The temperature drops, the weather was cold, let sky-wave face recognition entrance guard warm your heart!

by:Fdata     2020-08-02
The festival atmosphere is more and more strong, the weather is getting cold; Slight cold is over, it is in the future. Recently, the temperature decline gradually, many places even the snow started to fall. In cold weather, let alone go out for a walk, even if you are not willing to move a finger. But go to work or normal, when you are in a cold environment, but also reach out to find the key to open the door, you is very painful thing. A bit sky-wave face recognition entrance guard let you can easily open the door. Temperature in sky-wave face recognition entrance guard work - 20° To 55 & deg; Work environment, and each device before the factory after more than the following process detection to the shipment. Quality assurance is the product of a brand floundered around! Guangdong sky wave has more than 20 years of research and development production ability, is a national high-tech enterprise, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise. For the company for the product strict requirements, high quality of face recognition entrance guard products established the leading position in the industry.
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