The vast terminal PDA wireless bar code management system for ins and outs of _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-04-27
An intelligent terminal PDA wireless barcode in-out warehouse management system, will be ordinary commodities to recode, and a one-dimension code or qr code automatically generated, through the scanner to scan operation, realized commodity for ins and outs of the business. One, system introduction: 1, this system can be independent warehouse one-dimensional codes/qr code are implemented by computer operation for the business. 2, ordinary goods to recode, and a one-dimension code/qr code, automatically generated by printed label making machine. 3, ensure that each product has a barcode sticker, and then through the scanner to scan operation, realized commodity for ins and outs of the business. Second, the system function is introduced: 1, the basic information ( 1) Storage location information Settings: add, modify, delete, warehouse information. Provide quick classification for basic goods. ( 2) Settings: user information for the system to provide the operator functions. Administrators have add, modify, delete permissions. 2, commodity information set ( 1) Commodity information input: according to the storage location, input the basic information of the goods. ( 2) Commodity management: provide query, modify, delete functions. 3, label printing, 1) Commodity marking: according to the goods entry date, location, name of commodity, conditional filtering, printing code labels you need. ( 2) Tag USES dozen: barcode label damaged, vague and can be label to fill in the interface. ( 3) Coding for the system automatically generated. Serial number corresponding to the number of tags. Chinese is the name of the commodity. 4, warehousing scanning, inventory query ( 1) Scan need to put in storage of goods, click execute complete warehousing. ( 2) If the scan repeat, the system will make a prompt. ( 3) If scan the warehousing goods, click on the need to delete the goods, right click delete. 5, outbound scanning, outbound query ( 1) Scan need outbound goods, click completes outbound. ( 2) Repeat scanning, the system will automatically judge, prompt repeat operation; ( 3) Outbound goods scanning is completed, click the execute button, complete the operation. The system automatically updates the next batch number. Summary: (3, system 1) This edition is low system cost, familiar with quickly. Apply to the personnel change frequently, goods small volume, light weight, replace paper assignments of primary warehouse management.
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