The welfare of the convenience store to choose the cash register. To attract traffic, promote the repurchase rate.

by:Fdata     2020-06-20
Convenience store, in today's society indispensable outlets, also is the highest rate of people shopping, everyone knows that a convenience store cash register is different from the restaurant and the supermarket cash register, the convenience store cash register more has its specific consumer groups, so the store choosing brush face pay cash register need to pay attention to the following problems: 1, the space is little, you can sell more goods. Convenience store area than the supermarket, so need to save space on the effort. Choose cash register space had better choose a little convenience store cash register, save a space for the checkout counter. These save space, can at the checkout counter prominent place to display some chewing gum, paper towels and other items, let customers can conveniently buy more things. For example, when the latest listed WeChat, pay treasure to PF1011 brush face can sweep the yard to pay cash register, the fuselage fashion is exquisite, very suitable for put in the place such as the counter, do not take up the store location, bring their own external keyboard, with advertising and voice broadcast function, at the same time as the cashier can both commodity information broadcast. 2, input more convenient, goods shelves. Many goods convenience stores are updated daily shelves, so need to entry goods every day. If meet not familiar with the business staff, often can affect the new speed on the goods. Such as rice, pasta, kanto cook the corresponding scan code checkout. So the convenience store cash register commodity warehousing operation more convenient, best can sweep through code directly into the Treasury, instead of manual input commodity bar code. PF1011 sweep brush face code register, optional configuration code window, commodity warehousing sales more convenient in place. 3, support aggregation pay, improve customer experience. To the convenience store shopping travel more, make a payment varied also. Although now sweeping code pays, brush face these mobile payment is common, but the elderly or children are the majority of the use of cash, bank CARDS, and even the membership card, convenience store cash register is therefore best to support multiple payment collection way. PF1011 brush brush face pay cash register optional have face, sweep the yard, the unionpay card to pay the cashier a variety of ways. 4, set free promotions. Let drug sold. For some of the drug or the advent of goods, the store can launch promotional activities, such as add more than one yuan a, the second half price sale this class routines, can stimulate consumers to buy, can also be a reasonable processing specials, reduce losses. These preferential Settings will rely on the cash register for intelligent adjustment, don't have to manually adjust the price every time, launch promotional activities more flexible. 5, data analysis, timely adjust commodity business. Many shopkeepers said, a day to sell a lot of things, but at the end of a settlement, but found that didn't earn much money, even lose money. This may be a low-margin commodity to sell, and sell goods little profits high. As a convenience store owner, need according to the intelligence report generated by the cash register, in a timely manner to adjust operation. Convenience store cash register reports can check daily sales data, which best selling fastest, what kind of goods, inventory number most profits. Self-help cash register functions conform to the norm of modern people can not go out my wallet, use a mobile phone to pay the bill. When rich, self-service register as embedding a/qr code scanner, and convenient way to pay to help businesses attract traffic. It is not only convenient to customers, also convenient for businessmen. Among them, the self-service system of mobile payment when rich and member management, customer through WeChat payment become members merchants, the system automatically put the customers into the store membership management system. Consumers after completion of the payment, for example, automatically focus on public Numbers of businesses. Businesses can through regular preferential nudges, CARDS and stamps ( Vouchers, coupons) Directional distribution way, let consumers have a better understanding on businesses, provide businesses with again the opportunity to reach consumers.
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