Thermometry face recognition of bus terminal, what is the difficulty on technology?

by:Fdata     2020-05-20
Recently, the guangdong foshan 116 buses are installed with the function of temperature measurement of face recognition on the terminal. Passengers get on the bus at the front door in front of face recognition stood on end, less than a second to realize automatic temperature measurement. If measured temperature anomalies and didn't wear a face mask, facial recognition terminal will be prompt. Although more and more people travel to return to work, but the epidemic prevention measurement work is still can't relax. Among them, the bus public transportation tools such as face enormous pressure. Is different from the airport and railway station, can be in front of the station completes the test identification, basic have no fixed bus body temperature measuring point of buffer. Bus stations after open the door, passengers get on the bus, if you want people to each temperature measurement on, will get in the car and in and out of the station time waiting long. And the driver to focus on driving, difficult to distracted attention to each car passenger's body temperature is normal. Foshan promotion, therefore, the face recognition with temperature measurement function terminal can automatically test and identification function to determine whether a voice is unusual, and give voice alarm to the driver, real-time processing, convenient and rapid temperature measurement, can avoid crowded waiting in line. Temperature measurement on buses face recognition terminal so that you can bring temperature test and wearing a mask to identify terminal face recognition on technical experiments have what difficulty? Temperature measurement function first requires hardware have temperature measurement module, the mainstream is the infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement module. In the process requires the fast response and stability of the temperature sensor. At the same time, in the aspect of face recognition, application living testing module, can distinguish between real and photos, video, 3 d mask, the difference between effective reduce the risk of unauthorized, which has a wide dynamic, motion compensation, binocular live detection function of high-definition camera price is more expensive than ordinary, so the equipment requirements will be higher. Temperature measurement module to external environment also should have certain requirements, to ensure normal temperature measurement function implementation. While through facial temperature test and wearing a mask to identify requirements system algorithm is stable and accurate, including temperature compensation, face recognition, self study, data upload, sweep code recognition, etc. In addition, on the recognition of the realization of the function of the wearing masks, on the one hand, should identify people being tested to see if there is wearing a mask, mask, on the other hand to cover face, the face of lack of the lower part of information, eye and eye position for face recognition, in fact the algorithm will demand a higher than average face recognition terminal, so will be higher than general facial recognition on market terminal. Sky-wave face recognition temperature measuring terminal TPS980 sky-wave temperature measuring terminal face recognition, can be used as a brush face attendance machine application in the workplace and community on campus, bring the German Hyman professional temperature measurement module and binocular live detection function, can realize precise fast non-contact measuring mild facial recognition, easily implement a comprehensive epidemic prevention.
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