'Three-dimensional structure code' national standards for formal implementation, anti-counterfeiting technology began to enter into the age 3 d code!

by:Fdata     2020-08-15
Now, how to crack down on counterfeit achieved complete elimination from the source, simple authentication products manufacturer information already far cannot satisfy the demand of the market. In order to better meet the market demand, accelerate the anti-counterfeiting technology standardization construction, on December 1, GB/T 37470 - 2019 'three-dimensional structure code anti-counterfeiting technology conditions' implemented national standards. Structure of 3 d code is further innovation of qr code technology, marked the anti-counterfeiting technology in our country have already starting from the bar code, the qr code into the structure of 3 d code phase. Barcode and ordinary qr code is easy to be copied, so in the process of anti-counterfeiting application has certain risk. The standard as the main drafting unit of hainan days anti-counterfeiting technology co. , LTD. , general manager of badad introduction, structural 3 d code is the use of laminated paper, anti-counterfeiting element and information collection in physical way random depth is carved on it, make the different parts of random present different shades and structure features of different colors, then use the AI intelligent identifying the process structure which is formed by the combination of characteristics identified. Therefore, the structure of 3 d code is on the innovative development of qr code technology, the organic combination of physical security and information technology, better solved the problem of the ordinary qr code easy to copy, have structure, three-dimensional features, unique and difficult to replicate. It is understood that the structure of the three-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology conditions 'national standard terminology and definition of the structure of 3 d code, product classification, product appearance quality, product features, anti-counterfeiting recognition characteristics, test methods and inspection rules and other technical requirements, for anti-counterfeiting field in our country and an important national standards, to guide the technology popularization and application, norms related products production and inspection is of great significance. At the same time, the structure of the three-dimensional code to protect consumers' rights and interests, protecting brand, combating counterfeit provides strong support, the establishment of the market order of fair competition and the construction of social credit system has played a significant role in such aspects, has good application prospect. Implementation of the standard of security products in China have started alcohol, food, tobacco, commodity negotiable instruments, medicine, clothing, home appliances and industry applications, the market reaction is good. New things have a certain extent, means the destruction of the old things. Self-help as led bar code identification equipment enterprises, the backbone of the qr code can be normal use, its very important. In the face of the arrival of the 3 d code technology structure, change the opportunities for real, for advantage peremptory has become a trend of self-help identification equipment enterprise one of the most important subjects. Then, according to the structure of the new 3 d code technology, self-help identification equipment enterprises only sink to settle constantly upgrade and innovation of technology; Can better cope with the challenges, and fit the structure the development of 3 d code technology.
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