Time has come for a look at face 丨 attention pay subsidies to pay treasure to brush a face

by:Fdata     2020-05-28
The development of the society, the progress of science and technology, business hardware device has also been gradually upgraded, more and more intelligent. As for people everywhere cashier equipment has to rely on brush face era of cashier to pay, but believe that many people have such doubt, can be at ease use pay treasure or WeChat brush face pay safe? See supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores the check-out stand around in a small and exquisite brush face device, one side is a traditional cash register cashier or scan code box, brush on the face to pay subsidies, the temptation of red envelopes. In general, who would you choose? Today the most popular method of payment when pay belong to brush a face! Ant gold suit is one of the earliest layout facial recognition technology companies in the industry. In 2015, pay treasure to take the lead in facial recognition technology was applied to the user login, this technology has used in real-name authentication, retrieve password, check payment risk scenarios. IT show in Hanover, Germany in 2015, ma first payment technology, illustrates the brush face until September 1, 2017, after the alipay announced the KPRO in KFC restaurant brush face to pay online, pay brush face began to commercial lane. Announced on August 15, 2018, pay treasure, pay its brush face already have commercial ability, will face a variety of business scenarios spread brush face payment solutions, pay treasure to brush a face began to accelerate pay for commercial applications. On December 13, 2018, pay treasure to announce brush face payment product dragonfly. Released in April 2019, the second generation of dragonfly, brush will face to pay with electronic members get through, implement brush face namely members; In September, dragonflies further upgrade. Brush face scan code upgrade of the cash register and pay treasure to subsidies. September dragonfly released new products at the same time, pay treasure to announce to brush a face payments from the original 3 billion yuan to no limit. To be specific, the subsidies are divided into three gears are for domestic brush face of self-service equipment, merchants each get a brush face users, 0. 7 yuan bonus, commission for six months in a row, merchants monthly up to 800 yuan bonus, the highest single device can get 4800 yuan bonus; Brush face cashier equipment for desktop, pay treasure to commission five consecutive months, the highest single device can get 2000 yuan bonus; For dragonflies series equipment, commission five consecutive months, the highest single device can get bonus of $1600. The subsidy way until March 31, 2020. In December 2017, WeChat pay the first face fashion shop floor shenzhen wisdom; In May 2018, tencent optimal cooperation with WeChat pay brush face payment system in formal use carrefour in Shanghai tianshan; In March 2019, WeChat pays out brush face equipment frog; On August 26, 2019, WeChat pay the official launch of carrying scan code, double screen WeChat frog pro. Present, pay no card has become a trend, but as a new type of payment, a large-scale commercialization prospect of innovation, industry tend to think that pay will have a great substitute for sweeping brush face code to pay, pay to promote domestic industry from card era, the era of APP to further represented by brush face pay biometric payment media era of transition.
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