Traditional dining room market status quo + canteen self-help order 丨 feel wisdom canteen charm!

by:Fdata     2020-05-07
In recent years, self-help order has become the acceptance and habits of a quick dining way, but the self-help order only commonly appear in a restaurant, dining room to appear completely made up for the defects of wisdom, no matter how enterprise, can easily make dining room to quickly turn into a very popular self-help order pattern dining room, perhaps many diners canteen operators and the canteen hasn't realized the wisdom canteen self-help order function how big a role, the following will give you a comparison: traditional dining room market present situation most accept the test of canteen is to focus on dining time, hard control, poor staff dining experience is most enterprises are experiencing difficulties. Dinner number 1, dining time, low efficiency, the management difficulty is big 2, manual reconciliation, business statistics don't fine 3, different user type differential pricing, the management difficulty double 4, different meal don't price, often need to adjust the wisdom staff canteen in the intelligent double screen self-service order order terminals, submit orders, complete payment using qr code scanning, display and voice prompt dishes and fee information. Archives mouths food staff synchronous check the order information, including food, amount, employee name, meal card information, food staff dozen good food to employees, complete meal. 1, employees can self-help order on intelligent double screen equipment, sweep code to pay, get meals on average for five seconds, dining link to employees provide perfect experience, saves the time order in queue, liking promoted employees; Can pay 2, sweep the yard, the simple and quick; 3, improve the image of the canteen, improve enterprise image; 4, convenient canteen operating control. Dining room dozen vegetables personnel in double screen to view all orders and revenue. Don't query reservation list by date, meal, including all orders, has brought the completion of orders and orders. Wisdom canteen system for the canteen norm buffet dinner scene, through the facial recognition technology intelligent hardware collocation, let users through intelligent terminal, pay safely and quickly complete the deduction, improve the efficiency of the user repast, enhance the user experience. Multi-dimensional statistics auxiliary canteen do fine at the same time management.
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