Traditional dining room to the dining room to upgrade the original so simple wisdom 丨 informatization, digitization, intelligent, branding

by:Fdata     2020-06-21
In recent years, the word wisdom dining room fire was very hot, canteen operating managers do for many years, to the interpretation of the concept or mixed, so where is the dining room to think what wisdom, begin from the following aspects one by one. From material purchasing, equipment eat, the method of payment, operation mode, service mode, etc, are very different from traditional dining room, so what are the typical features of wisdom the dining room? Wisdom dining room to have the characteristics of informatization, digital, intelligent, branding, etc. 1. Information era mainstream development represented by the Internet of things and cloud computing technique started the computer, communication, monitoring and control of the information content of 4 c revolution, network functions began to industry and social life to provide comprehensive application to society. For dining room whole scene, informatization is the inevitable trend. Wisdom canteen system loading and unloading, inventory reported loss of statistical analysis, cost accounting, multi-faceted, at the same time can be achieved by supplier management APP, you can view the purchase order, purchase order, etc. , operating conditions at any time to master the canteen. Canteen barriers, information is helpful to get through the dining room industry chain link order, take food, eating process, operator auxiliary decision-making to provide strong support for the canteen. 2. Digital do the dining room of the application of digital technology in the canteen of wisdom, on the one hand is the front-end application, aimed at enhancing the consumer experience, on the other hand is the backend application, designed to optimize operations, reduce the cost. At present, the wisdom in the dining room management system, intelligent dining terminal equipment have many enterprises and institutions canteens began to use in the whole country, not only can greatly improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve customer experience, also can reduce the waste. At the same time, the canteen manager is also using professional system, to generate a large number of consumption data analysis, and on the food safety, personnel management, food procurement optimization scheme is put forward, promote risk anticipation ability, reduce operating costs. 3. Intelligent AI is a trend for fast development of artificial intelligence, more and more extensive attention from public. In the canteen area has appeared all kinds of intelligent terminal, such as food recognition and settlement, using image recognition technology, realize self-help rapid settlement. Just put the plate on settlement stage, AI visual recognition technology to identify the plate or dish, the system will automatically complete the price calculation, and transfer to pay the sum payable by the consumer terminal. A set of intelligent settlement of thousands of people will be finished in one hour buffet settlement, and only after an operator standing equipment maintain settlement order can be. Can avoid the leakage reading, lose the wrong amount, the system can judge whether the plate has been settlement by oneself, to avoid duplication and settlement. 4, the brand has a taste of archives mouths, according to data at present the mainstream consumer market of 80, after 90, 00 after these young people, their overall image of archives mouths higher requirements, the taste of the dishes. Therefore, group meals and club dinner boundaries are blurred, regiment CanYe is also starting to gain characteristic, the brand development route. The feeling of hospital cafeteria to the public generally have less choice, to swallow, environmental stereotypes of depression. In order to change the image of the hospital cafeteria, nanjing benq hospital take the lead in introducing 'us - however The acknowledgement of the cooked food court ', also is the first domestic open in the food court at the hospital. Warm and bright dining environment, relax the diners mood, at the same time the base hospital wisdom dining room management system management system, introduced a food court, can through the online order a meal, brush a face, swipe take meal, sweep the code form of settlement, improve the efficiency of repast, let diners embody high-tech brings convenient and comfortable. Food court managers can have dinner on data statistical analysis, food safety regulation, make management more simple, convenient and quick, to create a multi-win-win situation.
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