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Self-Service Cash Register in Restaurant and Retail

As the impact of new retail, the traditional retail industry has to make more changes in order to seek survival under the competitions and constraints of e-commerce. Nowadays, the self-service cash register ordering system has come to people and the traditional retail industry seems to find a new opportunity. The self-service cash register device provides…

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What Conveniences the Self-checkout Kiosk Has in Retail

In recent years, the new retail self-checkout service has become a hot topic in the retail markets, especially when those self-service checkout machines are set up in some supermarkets and convenience stores. As mentioned, the self-checkout kiosk is self-service terminal equipment. It adopts an embedded barcode reader and is featured with barcode identification, collection and…

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Self-Ticket Vending Machine Solution

We like to see ourselves as one of the most cost-effective and reliable options in self-ticketing solutions because of our achievements with a number of enterprises, software companies, and brands in the past. Our cooperation with the above partners had yielded high-quality self-ticketing machines. Our knowledge and experience is why we are confident and competent…

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