Under the 2020 outbreak of brush face what will pay project development!

by:Fdata     2020-07-29
Spring Festival in 2020, a sudden outbreak, let 1. 4 billion people into deep anxiety, panic and crisis, reduce exposure is the most effective protective measures, brush face suddenly contactless payment pay to heat up again, at the same time also let people awakening: health, is the precondition of doing anything! The country if necessary, city road, to cease out of business, is to cheer, strong and epidemic prevention measures of the state departments of units, the new crown pneumonia momentum has been weakened gradually in our country, to find the number of hubei new confirmed three digits, we feel gratified. In addition to the hubei province, provincial and municipal enterprises has gradually began to return to work, life and will start on the right track but the market is still cold. And return to work on his way back to the company, this kind of contactless payment need face recognition brush face pay everywhere, have it on your way to return to work a little help? For example, we took a bus to the station or airport, first come into contact with is to brush a face on the bus. If you choose to take the subway, some city subway station also enabled brush face to pay. After the control, supermarket shopping malls opened gradually, your desire be awakened again, when you are pushing a shopping cart in the wide variety of goods are going to settle, found that the supermarket has enabled brush face payment devices, even a small convenience store, also installed the brush face to pay. If you need to use cash, go to a bank withdrawals, you can also use the brush face to pay. In the airport, in the airport waiting in the restaurant, also can see the figure of brush face to pay. Airport KFC is so popular that there had opened a brush face pay, many people choose to spend waiting for take off time here. Some people from other place to stay hotel is the quarantine needed when back to town, brush face to pay again. At present, the hotel's brush face pay is popular, but Mr. Ma's no hotel has sound from the first, the entire payment shall use brush face, and it will be paid a scene with ease, developed to get incisively and vividly. In the resume work boom, it's not hard to find, from departure to arrival, we will always be in casual brush see meet face. Face recognition, it's getting closer and closer to life, close to the one day you will suddenly found that surrounded it, our life is due to brush a face pay imperceptibly subtle change happened.
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